Battlefield 2142 - First Strike Mod v1.5

  • Category First Person
  • Size 1,335.1 MB
  • Program by First Strike Team

Battlefield 2142 - First Strike Mod v1.5

First Strike is a Star Wars based mod for Battlefield 2142. Within this mod you'll find yourself as a soldier of the Galactic Empire or as a freedom fighter for the Rebel Alliance. You'll fight at various Star Wars locations and with all sorts of weapons and vehicles. One side will have to strike first, for that team will have the greatest advantage... or will it? The goal of First Strike is to immerse the players of Battlefield 2142 into the amazing universe of Star Wars. First Strike will feature an extremely authentic atmosphere.

First Strike V1.5 Changelog


- Enhanced AI tweaks for many turbolasers

- Enhanced AI tweaks for anti-starfighter turrets


- MLC3 added

- ATPT added

- Sentinel added

- Jawa Sandcrawler added

- Enhanced AI tweaks for Yavin X-Wings and Y-Wings

- Tweaks to Firehawke and T1-B for better balance


- Jundland Wastes

- Strike at Parmel

Singleplayer Map Support added to:

- Bandomeer Refinery (dogfighting only)

- Bestine

- Endor Clearing

- Endor Strike Team

- Mos Entha

- Mos Espa

Co-op Map Support added to:

- Bestine

- Endor Clearing

- Endor Strike Team

- Mos Entha

Improved Singleplayer & Co-op Map Support for:

Battle of Yavin


- Cap ship destruction sequences enhanced, including longer wreck times

- new static objects for Jundland Wastes and Strike at Parmel

- Improved object population added to many interiors on Mos Espa

- Endor Strike Team visuals refined and updated


- Scoring added for Deflection Tower destruction on Yavin

- Scoring added for successful Exhaust Port torpedo shots on Yavin

- Scoring added for Heavy Turbolaser destruction on Escape from Hoth

- Scoring added for Imperial Bulk Freighter destruction on Imperial Convoy Raid

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