Arma 2 Patch v1.04.60588

Arma 2 Beta patch v1.04.60588 is a public preview release...

  • Category First Person
  • Size 43.2 MB
  • Program by Bohemia Interactive

Arma 2 Patch v1.04.60588

Arma 2 Beta patch v1.04.60588 is a public preview release intended for developer testing and community feedback. It may be updated often and we use them to verify that a bug we are tracking has been fixed. We make the beta builds for testing only and also to allow developers in the community to test their content with the upcoming versions before they are released as the official release. We write code and post the results frequently so people like you can join our testing process and report bugs but Arma 2 Beta might crash on startup or cause any other kind of unpredicted problems so please do not bother downloading Arma 2 beta builds if you're unwilling to put up with problems or help with the testing of the game and stick with the latest official release instead.

(current patch candidate)

[60588] Fixed: MP client could not use laser designator in vehicles.

[60525] Fixed: Changing window size is no longer possible inside of video options screen.

[60522] Improved: Longer view distance for objects when high view distance is used.

[60457] New: FreeTrack support using FreeTrackClient.dll

[60323] Changed: Formation direction now adjusts to human leader body direction, not a movement direction.

[60260] Fixed: AI soldiers moving in Safe/Aware could sometimes be stuck near a bush or other objects.

[60234] New: Scripting function enableAIFeature to disable new AI features when old behaviour is required.

[60220] Improved: AI covering units tend to stay close to each other.

[60155] Fixed: MultiPlayer client crash caused by certain custom sound

[60129] Fixed: AI subordinates now move faster (use less cover) to catch up when leader is way ahead of them.

[60102] Fixed: AI subordinates should now respect formation more when moving in combat.

[60101] Fixed: Group leader was often running far ahead alone in combat.

[60092] Fixed: AI leader did not wait for a player to cover him when moving in combat.

[60090] Fixed: Improved vehicles and motorcycles driving.

[60068] New: Alt-Enter can be used to switch window/fullscreen while paused.

[60015] New: Execute action with LMB can be unmapped.

[60013] Fixed: Possible freeze under Vista/Win7 when Alt-Tabing out of the game during progress screen.

[59999] Fixed: Player is no more target when commanding in external view.

[59988] New: Windowed/Fullscreen can now be switched ingame (in Video options).

[59924] Fixed: More 32b overflows caused by 8 GB RAM + large VRAM.

[59906] Fixed: Most vehicle gunners did not provide suppressive fire.

[59899] Fixed: AI did not use suppressive fire against enemies seen while holding fire.

[59898] Fixed: Spatial explosions sounds

[59884] Fixed: Suppress in the commanding menu did nothing.

[59875] New: Suppressive fire against known enemies can be scripted using unit suppressFor time.

[59873] Fixed: After spawning new types of entities via script, game could randomly freeze or crash.

[59872] Fixed: Airplane, helicopter, car and ship control was lost while map was active.

[59808] Fixed: DOF in 3D scope view

[59741] Analogue throttle working for helicopters as well.

[59736] Fixed: Startup sounds are not spatial and stick to audio channels

[59715] Covering soldier in grass ("Grass layer")

[59691] Improved: Small hit be ignored by hitpoints (configurable by minimalHit)

[59668] Improved: Hitpoint can pass only a part of the hit to the total damage (passthrough setting no longer ignored).

[59446] New: IK weapon animations are now blending with primary animations.

[59351] Fixed: VoN direct speaking distance fade out

[59318] Fixed: support the highest Matrox TrippleHead2Go resolutions

[59279] Fixed: FPS on Dedicated server is not affected by server window manipulation (such as move or scroll).

[59088] Mouse lag can caused by GPU render ahead buffer be limited using GPU_MaxFramesAhead=N in ArmA2.cfg.

[59047] Fix: When player was a helicopter pilot, the AI gunner sometimes had no weapon selected on mission start

[59030] Fix: Helicopters - when manual fire on, do not allow AI gunner to switch weapons

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