This is a fix for Blood 2 and you can see all what's...


This is a fix for Blood 2 and you can see all what's included in additional information.


by Tren


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2. Installation

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FXE3Test V4.167 Changes:

Sniper Rifle now zooms in correctly

Assault Rifle alt-fire takes up one greande, and max amount of grenades you can carry is 50.

Fixed the Tesla Cannon Sound error, it was too loud when akimbo'd.

All 'The Voice' messages which were wrong depending on your sex have been fixed.

New loading messages.

I accidently changed the steam colour black, corrected this back to white.

Cabalco Death Ray charge-up reduced

Ammendment on original readme (below), the new taunts are for Ishmael and Ophelia only.

Changed the ammo count for alt-fire Death Ray, Because its now rapid fire and very powerful, it take 10 cells to fire, not just 2. So it eats through your ammo quite quickly.

Bombs are now very powerful but limited proximity in damage.

Nothing else is changed, so all the previous changes are intact, including the Easter Eggs. There are no new Easter Eggs added with this patch. (Please note the removal of MPKFA is intentional, it has been changed to a new command, this is the first of the four Easter Eggs).



FXE3Test V3.092:

>*'d items are those yet to implemented, and hopefully will find their way into FXEnhancer >3.0 Final. Remember this is only a test version! There will probably be lots more things added for the final version not in this list!!


Version FXE3Test current list of what's implemented:


*Berettas now fire alternately in akimbo primary

Berettas now fire in secondary mode when akimbo'd

*Flare Pistols now fire alternately in akimbo primary

Flare Pistols now fire in secondary mode when akimbo'd

Mac-10s no longer akimbo, so that you can use the alt-fire mode all the time.

*Sawed-Off Shotguns now fire alternately in akimbo primary

Sawed-Off Shotguns now fire in secondary mode when akimbo'd

*Assault Rifle's can be akimbo'd, secondary fire only works with one assault rifle

Tesla Cannon can be akimbo'd, secondary works when akimbo'd

Howitzer can be akimbo'd, secondary works when akimbo'd.

Cabalco Death Ray's alt-fire now produces a steady stream of deadly rings after an initial charge up

The Singularity Generator now has an secondary which uses 100 ammo, compared to the primary fire which uses 50. Both are devastating and should not be used near you otherwise you will die almost instantly. Use it from a distance and it will destroy almost anything in its proximity. Use it on the bosses!

Most akimbo'd weapons do not draw at the same time anymore, for effect.

*Knife now gains power with each kill (civilian one's don't count).

Weapon values tweaked:

>Shotgun spread reduced

>Tesla Cannon Power increased

>Napalm Cannon Power increased

>Howitzer power increased

>Voodoo Doll secondary fire is now very powerful

>Singularity Generator changed, as stated above.


Brought the HUD bullet icon back.

New title screen with the FXE3Test logo

Use one of the three separate rezs to have title screens optimised for the resolution you're using (see installation to set this up correctly).


Updated the credits list to include FXEnhancer credits.


View-bob is back and more reminiscent of Blood I (haven't perfected it yet)

Changed the difficulty names, in the main menu, now something a bit more familiar ;)

Added 4 Easter Eggs (e-mail me if you find all 'em and I'll put your name on the site)


All sound effects which were beeped for swearing have been re-instated in their proper glory, without the beeps ;)

Lots of new taunt sounds added for Ophelia and Gabriel.

Fixed the problems with characters saying powerup taunts after they had been depleted rather than when the powerup was picked them up.

The-chosen no longer speak after they are dead.

New menu ambience (old skoolers will recognise this ;)

--Stuff changed in previous FXEnhancer versions which remains in the current version--


Changed the Fanatic skin, IMO the green one got boring very quickly

Increased the size of the flaregun flares


Made it so the Soul drudges now fall over when hit, but get back up again for more

Speeded up the Shotgun and the Napalm Launcher to make them more akin in speed to their Blood I counterparts.


Changed the default Caleb skin, to a far cooler one I made. It now looks much more like the Caleb that can be seen in the introduction sequence, with a red blood hand-print on the back of his jacket.


Gave Ishmael Caleb's knife, and gave Caleb Ishmael's knife.

Updated the HUD for the new knife icons.


Gave the sound effect when you pick up life essence more of a "thump-thump"


Cultist: Changed the taunts, lowered their volume

Fanatic: Replaced all their taunts with ones in Cabal language, lowered volume too.

M_Civilian: Replaced the beeped scared wav, with a "dont hurt me" one.

Caleb: Added five extra taunts.

Weapon sounds:

Beretta: Added more bass

Mac-10: Gave a more rounder, meatier sound.

Assault Rifle: Same as above

Flare Pistol: Made the sound more booming. Alternate fire sounds more cranked!

Tesla Cannon: More "electrifying!" bolts

Shotgun: Gave a louder, more resounding Alt-fire + normal fire too.

Bug Buster: Made the sound of the acid landing on something much louder and more powerful.

Singularity Generator: Made the sound more "hi-tech, and electronical"

Sniper Rifle: Zoom sounds better now (more electrical)

Napalm Cannon: Made the firing more bassy (like Blood 1's)

Howitzer: more echo, and a much louder bass sound!


Replaced the health, armour, and ammo icons and their borders

Removed ticker

made the HUD more eye catching and visually appealing.




First, add the rez file called fxe3test.rez to the customise list, accessed through the Blood II launcher.

Next add on of three other rez files. These contain the fxe3test title screen and loading screens optimised for different resolutions. Make sure that this file (the resolution one) is at the end of your customise list, so it gets loaded last.


fxe3test640.rez - For a resolution of 640x680 or lower

fxe3test800.rez - For a resolution of 800x600

fxe3test1024.rez - For resolutions of 1024x768 and higher


Here's some examples of what your customize list would look like with...

A) ...FXE3test at a resolution of 800x600

In your list in this order would be:



B) ...FXE3test at a resolution of 640x480 or lower

In your list in this order would be:



C) ...FXE3test at a resolution of 1024x768 or higher

In your list in this order would be:





Thanks for downloading FXE3Test.

Please visit

for regular updates.

BIG THANKS go to: Guzz (for help with the akimbo weapons, akimbo alt-fires and the sound issues), Absynthe (for help with MSVC++ information and John Woo firing), Outz71 (for the excellent taunt sounds), VVega (for the knife power code), Infern0 (for support and Beta Testing), Da Devil's Child (for being da TNT man!), Planetblood (for the hosting), Monolith (for the Blood series, lets hope B3 is more like B1!)and to the Bloodites for downloading and supporting FXEnhancer.



Contact me:

[email protected]

ICQ UIN: 11667069

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