Unreal Tournament 3 - WAR-Full Worm Garden

Necris pyramids situated in a mountainous/jungle environment...

Unreal Tournament 3 - WAR-Full Worm Garden

Necris pyramids situated in a mountainous/jungle environment built for sacrificial ceremonies but now is the site of fierce, to the death tournaments. Certain events can grant you favor with the Necris gods and they will help you strike down your enemies...

Make Something Unreal Submission:

- Phase 3:Best vCTF or Warfare Level

- Phase 3:Best Graphics in Map

From readme:

WAR-Full Worm Garden

created by Bryan "Sanch3z" Cole

Description: Necris pyramids built for sacrificial ceremonies. In the default node link setup the team that controls the DeathBringer countdown node for 60 seconds appeases the Necris gods. This awakens the god statue at the enemy core, blasting the core for some significant damage.

There is an additional dual prime node link setup which has no countdown node and as the name says, has dual primary nodes.

This map is fully optimized to play with the ONS 2.0 mutator which gives you different weapons in place of the bio rifles however it will play just fine in the standard Warfare gametype.

Thanks to: all at GOW, BigDog, Epic games and the guys at Titan Onslaught..

*note: it is against my wishes for you to distribute this map unless you are Epic Games, The Gods of Warfare, or Titan Onslaught.

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