Spore Patch v1.05

The 5th Patch for Spore, and the first patch to address...

Spore Patch v1.05

The 5th Patch for Spore, and the first patch to address issues in Galactic Adventures. Improves object orientation near water or lava. Reduces crashing with Building Creator using shift+ctrl keystroke combination.

NOTE: Requires EA Download Manager application to work. Click below for more information about this patch.

Patch 5.1 Details

Object orientation near water or lava can appear incorrectly when Playing or Testing an Adventure. Fixes a crash in the Building Creator when holding Ctrl or Shift and moving a part.

Patch 5 Details

You can find the high level notes on the site here. This post lists some of the features and fixes in Patch 5 in greater detail.

What’s new with Asymmetry:

Get all the details on the new asymmetry features here!

What’s new with vehicle/creature interactions:

• You can now place the avatar, NPCs, and handheld objects on top of air, land, and sea vehicles in the GA editor

• Creatures will stick to the vehicle, and want to face the original direction they were placed with, while objects will tend to fall off


• For other players to benefit from riding on vehicles, they must install patch 5; in some cases, they may fail the level, or may not be able to complete it without updating

• There is an invisible shell around vehicles, to reduce physical complexity; players should choose their vehicle shapes carefully if they want it to look good when a creature walks on it

• To guarantee an NPC stays put on a vehicle, set their behavior to stay still

• Handheld objects placed on vehicles will stay on for a bit, but will fall off

• Air vehicles are very sensitive to wander mode; set air vehicles to path mode, especially if you want creatures to ride them, or they may be thrown off

• Air vehicles may damage some riding NPCs if they travel very fast; to avoid this, set the vehicle to be on the same team as the NPCs, or set the NPCs to be invincible

More detailed info on fixes & features in Patch 5

Important Note: While several crashes were fixed, as noted below, there may have been more than one root cause for similarly appearing crashes. If you’re still seeing one of the issues below after patch 5, please let us know.

• Fix: Changing the icons of certain adventures causes them to not upload properly.

• Fix: Possible invalid preferences file could be generated by patch4, causing game to not start.

• Fix: If Patch4 is installed to a PC that is Japanese environment, the entered password is not valid and cannot login.

• Fix: Sporecast assets go missing if user quits game in any way while download is in progress.

• Fix for occasional crash: Entering planet view on any planet, especially enemy planet

• Fix for occasional crash: Trying to leave planet view, especially the home planet, especially if there was just an attack and buildings were rebuilt

• Fix for occasional crash: Loading saved game in Space stage

• Fix for occasional crash: Entering solar view from galaxy view on NPC system

• Fix for occasional crash: Galaxy view traveling to a new star by clicking on it

• Fix for occasional crash: Entering planet view on a Wildlife Sanctuary, especially after loading a saved game

• Fix for occasional crash: Game crashes when terraforming using Staff Of Life

• Fix: Entering Creature accessory editor from Tribe stage, Civ Stage, or Space stage could cause a freeze on several machines

• Fix: In Civ stage with tutorials/hints disabled, after cut scene after selecting city hall game freezes

• Fix: Lineages don’t always show correct parent creations

• Fix: Certain sporepedia cards show corrupted backgrounds

• Fix: Unable to reach Grox worlds in some Space stage scenarios

• Fix for occasional crash: Quickly pressing esc. to skip cinematic after avatar dies results in crash

• New: Lineage is displayed for all Asset Types

• Fix: Adventure Creator: In EP1 open gates were not working correctly when they were disguised.

• Fix for occasional crash: The ship versions of the game crash on exit

• Fix for occasional crash: The game crashes on load when the lighting settings are defaulted to medium or 2

• Fix for occasional crash: Unplugging earphones or speakers while in play mode cause spore to crash on some soundcards with Windows Vista.

• Fix for occasional crash: When exiting to the Galaxy game entry without saving Tribe game crashes

• Fix for occasional crash: Crash occurs when leaving planet in Space stage.

• Fix for occasional crash: Crash occurs when zooming into certain rare solar systems once they are ready to be purchased

• Feature: All building and vehicle textures available in building/vehicle/ufo editors without having to use the “paint like” button.

• Cheat is included that permits Creators to export creatures in Collada format for use in Maya. Creators must acknowledge and accept a Tools EULA to perform this operation. An additional cheat has been provided to enable highest quality textures to appear on vehicles, where it is supported by user hardware.

• And more!

Notes on the Collada Export Cheat:

Creatures exported with the new Collada exporter will automatically have diffuse map, normal map, and spec map applied to them when imported into Maya, 1 step!

• In the Creature Editor, with the creature ready switch to Paint Mode, name the creature, if it doesn’t already have one

• Open the cheat window.

• Type: colladaexport

• Accept the EULA

• The file path to the exported creature will appear in the cheat window, ending with .dae

Installing Galactic Adventures after Installing Patch 5

If you have already installed patch 5 to your core game, then install Galactic Adventures, you will need to reinstall patch 5. If you are online and running EADM, your EADM will prompt you to install again. If you no longer have EADM, you can download it

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