Trophy Hunter 2003 v1.1 Patch

Update your outdoors hunting title by Infogrames, Trophy...

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  • Program by Infogrames

Trophy Hunter 2003 v1.1 Patch

Update your outdoors hunting title by Infogrames, Trophy Hunter 2003, to version 1.1 with a good number of fixes and additions.

Changes in version 1.1 Back to Top

Expert Hunter game mode, with rare animals (World Record Ribbon) and more difficult gameplay;

Animal tracks system improved;

Animals not resting on water and other AI improvements;

Animals avoiding negative slopes (do not go downhill in canyons, specially in custom-maps);

Interface sound volume slider added;

Ambient sounds volume slider added;

Show/hide GPS in game (F6);

Hide/show HUD as a toggle (F9);

Delete button added to the trophy room;

Shotgun's clean-shot fixed;

12am and "toogle" typos fixed;

Falling from ground fixed in New Mexico, next to the waterfall;

Improved mouse accuracy in list of locations, when choosing the location;

Ground texture distortions fixed in some 3D cards (like ATI cards);

Bear scent "use rate" fixed.

Dedicated server performance improved;

Can kick players in a multiplayer match by calling a vote - will be banned until the next match;

Can auto-kick people shooters in a multiplayer match (server option);

Do not allow vehicles in a multiplayer match (server option);

Show/hide names of other players in GPS during a multiplayer match (F5);

Message "player has left the game" added;

File "Game\MOTD.TXT", up to 255 characters, containing the server's message-of-the-day;

Option to launch a dedicated server from a batch / command line (see details bellow);

Dedicated-server showing match progress (elapsed and total minutes);

Dedicated-server can list the current players and their ids (type "/players" in the text input);

Dedicated-server can kick players (type "/kick PlayerName" or "/kick PlayerId" in the text input);

Server dumps the end-of-match information to the log file (match result);

Max view distance fixed (can't have client/server mismatch);

Fixed black screen when client tries to connect and doesn't have the custom-map running at server;

Fixed when client is disconnected in some rare cases when food is dropped.

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