Battlefield 1942 - BattleGroup 42 Server v1.7 (FULL)

This package is the dedicated server files to run a v1.7...

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  • Program by BattleGroup 42 Team

Battlefield 1942 - BattleGroup 42 Server v1.7 (FULL)

This package is the dedicated server files to run a v1.7 dedicated BattleGroup 42 server for this Battlefield: 1942 modification. Be sure to also get any possible patches.


Battlegroup42 1.4 Full Client - 30th of April 2008


Map Fixes/Changes:

- replaced Panzer IV H on 4406-pegasus_bridge with SdKfz 234/1

- removed PaK 40 from 4406-pegasus_bridge

- completely reworked version of 4301-velikye_luki (Push Mode)

- new pathmaps for 4107_dnieper_river, made by DACV

- new pathmaps for iwo_jima, made by DACV

- Coop added to 4111-operation_crusader by DACV

- reworked version of 4207-kokoda_path (Push Mode) done by Sarge Surfat

- Objective Mode version of 4207-intruder_mission, done by Bommel

- reworked version of GuadalCanal, done by Sarge Surfat

- reworked version of Liberation of Caen, done by Sarge Surfat

- reworked version of Market Garden, done by Sarge Surfat, new coop done by DACV

- reworked version of Omaha Beach, done by Sarge31FR and Sarge Surfat, new coop done by DACV

- changed 4311-raid_on_rabaul to 4201-rabaul (japanese attack)

- changed 4503-the_swamp to 4208-milne_bay (Australians vs. Japanese)

- changed Jagdpanther to Jagdtiger on 4503-paderborn and 4504-volkssturm

- reworked version 4504-berlin_streets, done by Sarge Surfat

- set correct LODDistances for all maps

Code Fixes/Changes:


- changed tank gun ammunition amounts to historical correct values

- replaced Bofors on japanese Carriers with Model 96 25mm aa guns

- re-coded Taiho carrier´s armament (removed rear small AA guns, coded turret for dual purpose use)

- added gunner reticules to tanks

- removed coax mg from StuG III G

- added Smoke Dischargers to King Tiger, Tiger and Panther

- re-added artillery spotting capability to armored cars and several light tanks


- added Bayonets again

- Mines are now invisible except of the detonator

- recoded smoke grenades to be more effective


- many new sounds (explosions, guns etc.)

- some new vehicle icons

- new tracer effects for machine guns

- dirt added to some vehicle textures


New content:


- Australians (from TLB mod)

- Dutch (uniform skins made by [LotW]-klick, helmet mesh and skin by smig. They look really great !)

soldier voices are from Edke. Thanks Eddy :-)

- French (from Bf 1918)


- Gloster Gladiator (kindly donated to us from "Norwegian Resistance" Mod. Thanks guys !)

- Bristol Type 152 Beaufort (from TLB mod)

- Grumman TBF Avenger

- P-80 Shooting Star

- new skins for Wildcat and LaGG-3 on 4205-operation_ironclad made by [LotW]-klick


- new Opel Blitz

- new Hanomag version armed with MG34

- Type 94 japanese truck (from TLB mod)

- 155mm M1 Long Tom field gun (taken from BG:V, converted and re-coded by Sarge31FR)

- Churchill Mk.VII from XWWII mod in exchange for BG stuff. Thanks guys :-)

- SdKfz 232 (Model and Skins made by Nimrod6, code by Sarge31FR)

- SdKfz 233 "Stummel" (Model and Skins made by Nimrod6, code by Nimrod6 and Sarge31FR)

- SdKfz 263 (Model and Skins made by Nimrod6, code by Sarge31FR)

- 152mm ML-20 Howitzer

- SdKfz 251/1 "Stuka zu Fuss" (Hanomag hull mesh kindly donated by FH mod, Wurfrahmen and Rocket made by Geronimo|Ger, Code by Sarge31FR)

(it´s completely bot supported, so watch out :-) )

- M3 Scout car

- Renault FT-17 (from Bf 1918)

- M1897 75mm gun (from Bf 1918)

- Ehrhardt E/V-4 (from Bf 1918)

- Type 1 47mm AT gun

- Ford T (from Bf 1918)

- french Bus (from Bf 1918)

- static Oerlikon

- new Nebelwerfer model and skin (done by Koricus from BGF mod, converted to BG42 by Sarge31FR)

- Boys Carrier (variant of existing Universal Carrier)

- Flower Class Corvette, model done by Cabrio

- Freighter, model done by Cabrio

- Type A japanese midget submarine (from TLB mod, skin by Sarge Surfat, code by Bommel

- SdKfz 186 Jagdtiger (done by Koricus from BGF mod, converted to BG42 by Sarge31FR)

- 8inch japanese coastal gun (model and skin done by Geronimo|Ger, code by Sarge31FR)

- new IS-2 model and skin (model made by Koricus, skins made by Tha Godfather and Geronimo|Ger)


- PPS-43 (from BGF, model made by Plutonius)

- TT-33 (from BGF)

- Nagant M1895 Revolver (from BGF, model made by Plutonius)

- Danuvia 39M (from BGF)

- Mannlicher M.95 (from BGF)

- Lee-Enfield Rifle No. 1 MK III (from TLB mod)

- Lee-Enfield Rifle No. 5 Mk I (from TLB mod)

- Webley Mk. IV (from TLB mod)

- Lewis MG (from Bf 1918)

- Luger P08 (from Bf 1918)

- Madsen LMG (from Norwegian Resistance Mod)

- Eihandgranate 39

- new G43

- new SVT-40

- new SG44

- new F-1 grenade (from BGF, model made by Plutonius)

- new M 24 Stielhandgranate

- new geballte Ladung

- new PPSh 41

- new Panzerfaust

- new tank mounted DT machinegun

- new MG34

- new FG42

- new Sten Mk2

- AN/M2 "Stinger"

- Maschinengewehr 30

- new RPG 43 (from BGF, model made by Plutonius)


- feldwagen_m1 *

- gulaschkanone_m1 *

- krankenwagen_m1 *

- pigeonry *

* those statics were done by Nimrod6. Thank you very much :-)

- bg42_factory3_m1, model & unwrap made by smig, textures and conversion to BG42 made by Geronimo|Ger

- bg42_Lighthouse2_m1

- lighthouse_m1

- bg42_Lenin_m1, model made by Snicker (BGF mod), conversion and skin done by Geronimo|Ger

- BG42_OldFactory1_m1

- BG42_OldFactory2_m1

- BG42_GermanPontoon1_m1, model and skin by Geronimo|Ger

- Fieseler Fi 103 (V1), , model and skin by Geronimo|Ger

- sewer system, model and skin done by smig

- japanese pillbox, model and skin done by smig

- set of trainstation statics, modeled by Koricus, skinned and finished by TerrorDuck

- set of workers houses (Type "Staaken"), model and skin by TerrorDuck

- set of barrack buildings, model and skin by TerrorDuck

and lots of more new statics


- tools/hull addons for many vehicles


- 4005-grebbeberg, made by Sarge Surfat (Coop made by DACV)

- 4106-halfaya_pass, made by Sarge Surfat (Push Mode, Coop made by DACV)

- 4202-tracking_the_wolves, a fictional map made by Bobton, reworked by Sarge Surfat and Bommel

- 4205-operation_ironclad, made by Sarge Surfat

- 4401-operation_shingle, made by =MAD= (two versions) (Coop made by DACV)

- 4409-nuenen, made by Lt. MoederTheresa (Coop made by DACV)

- 4412-noville, made by Lt. MoederTheresa (Push Mode)

- 4503-cologne_trainstation, based on =MAD=´s 4503-cologne. Changes made by Bommel

- 4504-crossing_the_spree, based on BF1942 Berlin, rework done by Bommel

- 4504-the_facility, made by Sarge Surfat

- 4701-antarctica, a fictional map by Sarge Surfat


Here are the download links:

Battlegroup42 1.4 Server:

eXp Mirror


Battlegroup42 1.4 Client:

MOB Mirror:

eXp Mirror

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

Please download all three parts and install them in order.

We´ve decided to also release the BG42 1.4 Battlecraft and Samples files for all BG42 objects to provide community mappers with the needed files to

create maps for the new Battlegroup42 version.

Samples for Battlecraft:

Battlecraft .cfg and .lst files:

To ensure that you´ve downloaded the correct file versions we are posting the MD5 hashes of all mod files.

When you´ve downloaded the files, you can check them with the "md5sum.exe" program.

To use md5sum do the following:

- switch to the dos command prompt

- switch to the folder where you downloaded the mod files to

- copy md5sum.exe into the folder where you downloaded the mod files to

- enter "md5sum BG42_1_4_Part1_of_3.exe" and press enter

- wait

- when the program is finished, compare the shown checksum to the one we´ve posted

- repeat the procedure with each file and compare the checksums

When all checksums are correct you can be sure to have downloaded the right files. If the checksums differ, you either have wrong versions or

corrupted files !


MD5 hashes (checked with md5sum.exe)



BG42_1_4_Part1_of_3.exe : 4b3299a946392e905183da5c78f4eacc

BG42_1_4_Part2_of_3.exe : 05029c865f37ad1cb53c5a9c5d9f7b1c

BG42_1_4_Part3_of_3.exe : da173e62ca26ec8c91039740ac5bf464


SERVER FILE : 93d14a3aadd45ebd6ce81f0aa24c067d

And now have fun :-)

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