Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Ren Beauty Pack v1.1

This mod adds custom race 'Mystic Elf' which has 4 versions;...

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Ren Beauty Pack v1.1

This mod adds custom race 'Mystic Elf' which has 4 versions; normal male / normal female / tattooed male / tattooed female. and 19 female hairstyles & 9 male hairstyles for all races. Each hairstyle has 3(4) versions; normal / blindfold(bandage) / mask. You can change the hair's colour in game, but cannot change the length.


Height: 1.0400

Weight: 0.9400


Height: 1.0000

Weight: 0.9000

Base Attributes:

Str = Male 40(tattooed: 45), Female 35(tattooed: 40)

Int = Male 45(40), Female 45(40)

Wil = Male 40(30), Female 45(30)

Agi = Male 40(40), Female 40(40)

Spd = Male 40(50), Female 40(50)

End = Male 40(40), Female 35(35)

Luc = Male 40(45), Female 45(50)

Per = Male 35(30), Female 35(35)

Skill Bonus:

Blade 5(tattooed: 5)

Sneak 5(10)

Destruction 5(5)

Light Armor 5(5)

Marksman 10(10)

Mysticism 15(10)


AbRaceMysticElfResistMagic (40%)

AbRaceMysticElfResistFire (25%)


To start as custom race, you need KyneTarse's 'Custom Race Fix' mod.

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