KillerCommando Mod Beta 2

This is Beta 2 Version Killer Commando...

KillerCommando Mod Beta 2

This is Beta 2 Version Killer Commando. Lots of new stuff so check it out.

Anti-mod (or joke mod) modification for 1942 about, "DRAGONS fighting against zepplins with Monster trucks and stuff".

The unofficial Killer Commando FAN mod beta.1


It all started with a post to the forums (


My Mod Will Own All !!!! Get In Here And Watch What Ill Do !


Its gonna own ya all

im making it and it will be soo awesome !

its about DRAGONS fighting against zeppelins with Monster trucks and stuff !!!

Ya know you can have total action man, and its gonna be realistic as hell !!! You can destroy everything !!! And shoot all people and so on...

ill have a website up soon !!

its called "KILLER KOMMANDO"

cya in hell



We have no idea who Killa2000 is, or even if he was serious. After following the thread for awhile and watching his hilarious teaser trailer ( we became fans of this anti-mod. The concept was so crazy, that it might just be fun. After a while it seemed like a hoax and the thread started to die. With some beer and some time to waste, we decided to build this anti-mod...



Dragons that shoot fire and drop explosive turds

Additional players can ride in the Dragon's claws and shoot Machine Guns

Zepplins that throw rocks

Monster trucks with nitro thrusters to launch them in the air to counter the dragons (for balance of course)

Monster truck can self destruct

Second player position in truck has additional nitro thrusters

Vin Disel health guage (ala Doom baby!)

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