Galactic Conquest: Release 5 [Full]

Galactic Conquest: Release 5 [Full]

Galactic Conquest Release 5 is now available for download! Galactic Conquest now features nearly 60 vehicles, 23 maps, and over one THOUSAND custom art meshes! Spanning 10 planets, epic space battles, and full interior levels, GC takes BF1942 engine to new heights!

Top 3 Galactic Conquest: Release 5 [Full] Alternatives

BF1942 - Galactic Conquest Mini Maps [Linux Server]

This is the Linux server for the package of maps that are...

Galactic Conquest v5 Server [Windows]

This is the dedicated windows server for Galactic Conquest...

Galactic Conquest v0.3 Server Patch [Linux]

This is a patch for the Galactic Conquest v0.2 dedicated...

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