Battlezone II: Combat Commander - Patch Tech Alpha v1.3 (Unofficial)

This is an UNOFFICIAL patch and is NOT supported by either...

Battlezone II: Combat Commander - Patch Tech Alpha v1.3 (Unofficial)

This is an UNOFFICIAL patch and is NOT supported by either Activision or Pandemic Studios.

This patch (along with the previous 1.3 patches) was made in their spare time by Nathan Mates and Ken Miller, programmers at Pandemic Studios.

Updates Battlezone II: Combat Commander (any version) to 1.3 tech alpha patch updates the game to work with DirectX 9.0C and has a new graphics engine.

Battlezone II version 1.3 Readme

This project has been in development since September/October 2001, headed by two programmers from the Battlezone II team: Ken Miller, and Nathan Mates.

A number of tweaks and enhancements are in v1.3:

• Updated graphics engine that uses (and requires) DirectX 9.0c for the best balance of compatibility and speed. Hardware transform & lighting is now supported, allowing a lot of work to be offloaded from your CPU and onto your graphics card. New DirectX features like fullscreen antialiasing (aka multisample antialiasing) are supported to improve visual quality. DXT Textures are supported to more efficiently use graphics card memory.

• Much greater MOD (game modification) support, allowing up to 26 total races to be active at once. Many MODders have been among 1.3 beta testers, and have been working to take advantage of the new features. Mods supporting 1.3 are not included in this download, but are available.

• Developed/Tested on Windows 2000/XP/Vista, for much better compatibility out of the box. Should work on Vista without requiring Administrator access. Limited WINE testing has been done as well.

• Many crashes/freezes fixed.

• Redone audio system that supports far more channels (up to 64) and DirectSound3D for a far more immersive experience. Note: not all sound cards on the market support that many channels; if the driver on your system notes a limit under 64, BZ2 will use that instead.

• Support for Ogg Vorbis compressed sounds - similar to mp3 files, but with higher quality.

• Enhancements to many parts of the game, including AI, craft handling, etc.

• Many more pregame options for IA, DM, Strat & MPI games (feature available to MODs to define custom options pages on a per-map basis)

• Bots in DM, and some additional DM gameplay modes.

• Strategy-CTF game mode -- capture a goal, tug it back to your recycler to win, on 6 classic maps. Finally a good use for tugs in MP!

• Over 50 additional Instant Action & Multiplayer maps by several mappakers within the BZ2 community, and tweaks to some existing maps to reduce bugs. As of 1.3TechAlpha5, there are 20 classic & additional IA maps, and over 100 classic & additional MP maps installed.

• Several additional security measures to make cheating in multiplayer much more difficult; deliberate remote crashing of games should be fixed.

• New BZ2 editor screen layout files contributed by testers to expose more functionality that was already there.

• Ability to rotate buildings (on 90-degree increments) for even more base-building fun

• Updates to the manual (located in the Extras folder where BZ2 is installed to) to give updated and more accurate information

• Includes over 1MB of text files listing changes made since 1.2. This changelog contains our (minimalist) notes as to what changed for each version, and isn't guaranteed to be easily understood. But, it may be useful reading.

• More features, including weapon linking, thumpers, and variable gravity DM maps

• Increased vista compatibility, audio works in WINE

• Many more modder features, such as 60-char ODF names, inheritance, tons of new tuning values, etc

• Performance optimizations - Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE) are used to take more efficient use of your CPU

• Fewer resyncs, units (human & AI) should warp less online

• Ability to replace CD music w/ OGG files

• Easier to host games w/ automatic UPNP, Windows Firewall support(*)

*: requires router w/ UPNP support, and Windows Firewall as your primary firewall; other firewall software/hardware will still need some manual attention

The major changes for 1.3TechAlpha5 are:

• Updated graphics engine that uses (and requires) DirectX 9.0c for the best balance of compatibility and speed. Hardware transform & lighting is now supported, allowing a lot of work to be offloaded from your CPU and onto your graphics card. New DirectX features like fullscreen antialiasing (or multisample antialiasing) are supported to improve visual quality.

• Various lagout bugs in network games should be drastically reduced

• Further support for Windows Vista/7 -- should fully support being installed to paths with unicode, has high-resolution icon for Windows Explorer

• Music from the BZ2 CD is now distributed with this patch, in ogg vorbis format, allowing for better performance. You can also set up a random playlist of music to be played ingame, if you copy in .ogg files to the right place and the right name. (Note: other music needs to be user-supplied.)

For now, this patch will be pretty much English-only. If you have a foreign (French or German) version of BZ2, this patch will replace a lot (but not all) of the files used to display text ingame with English. Voiceovers and other sound effects will remain in the installed language. A translated version of these text items may happen at a later time.

A special note: one of the bugs fixed is the infinite flying bug present in BZ2 1.0 - 1.2. This was removed because it is considered to be a bug by those of us who worked on BZ2 from the beginning. It is not due to complaints from "newbies" or the like. Certain people certainly feel strongly about this. Fine. Please realize that feelings are not an argument. Whining about this will not change anything-- we've heard such complaints for years, and your comments will only serve to harden our resolve in this.

Why is this patch labeled 'Tech Alpha'?

Previous 1.3 releases were labeled 'public beta'. This is a 'tech alpha' because of the nature of the changes to BZ2. In short, because the graphics engine was rewritten to use the DirectX 9.0c fixed function pipeline, extensive work was done. From my professional work, as well as from reading about the PC Games Industry, ensuring compatibility with all of the myriad graphics cards and thousands of possible drivers is a really tough problem. Beta testers for this release have ensured that the game runs on their systems. However, we can't be sure that their systems cover the spectrum of hardware and drivers out there. If you've got a system like one of theirs, things will probably work as well for you as it does for them. If you've got a more unique set of hardware or drivers, results are not guaranteed. Until a larger community has run 1.3techalpha5 for a while, we would rather be safe and call this 'alpha.' If it works for you, great. If not, please drop by and help us improve it.

Compatibility w/ previous BZ2 versions

Some notes on compatibility w/ previous versions:

• Like all other BZ2 patches, the 1.3 patch is not network compatible with any other version-- all players in the game must be running the exact same version (1.3ta5)

• Maps & DLLs for BZ2 1.2 should load fine. However, any map/dll that depends on certain behavior in the AI, etc for scripting may need tweaking.

• Progress in Singleplayer missions, preferences should be read fine; where more options than 1.2 exist (especially the sound setup), users may need to adjust those new options if they don't like the defaults. 1.3 uses a new file format for pilots/prefs, and upgrades 1.2's files on reading them. Those new preferences files can not be read by 1.2.

• Mid-mission savegames from BZ2 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3pb1-pb4 can not be read, as the file formats changed too much. But, as noted above, progress in SP missions is left untouched.

• Missions created with the editor in 1.3 will not be readable in previous versions, same with savegames, etc.

• Many MODs for BZ2 will be uninstalled as part of the install of 1.3. Some broken MODs that installed themselves into the Data folder (which should *never* have happened, but some people refused to do things right and install to addon) may have to be manually deleted.

• MODs that replaced out large chunks of the BZ2 shell (aka Forgotten Enemies) may need extensive tweaks before they can work with 1.3. There are various works in progress to make such MODs work, and they may be complete by the time you read this.

Requirements for this patch:

HD Space:

The 1.3TechAlpha5 patch is currently about a 90MB download, with the bulk of that coming from additional maps, as well as updates to all the textures. Since 1.3pb4a (the last public release), 22.5MB of Microsoft redistributable files (DirectX and Visual Studio 2008SP1) have been added, and 17.5MB of pre-ripped CD audio tracks have been added to the patch. The 1.3 download is designed to upgrade any previous version of BZ2 (1.0-1.2) to 1.3. Approximately 200MB free HD space is required to install this patch over and above the disk usage of your existing BZ2 install. So, at least 250MB free HD space is required to install, 300+MB of free space is really recommended.

If you're under 300MB free HD space, it is highly recommended that you get another HD. BZ2, like all Windows apps, uses your HD as swap (pagefile) space if your physical RAM is exhausted. You should have at least 100MB free (250MB recommended) on your HD before starting BZ2. The 1.3 installer can be deleted (or moved to another system, drive, CD backup, etc) before running 1.3 to get a bit more space.

A separate 1.3 directory is the preferred method of installing 1.3, as it helps gets rid of any debris left over from broken MODs that installed themselves into the data directory, doesn't have any compatibility issues with MODs not yet updated for 1.3, and gives you a clean slate to begin with. If you take this route, you should have at least 650MB of free HD space before starting the separate install is required -- doing some tests here, an install of 1.3TechAlpha5 over a BZ2 1.0 install from CD took a total of 580MB, not counting the installer.


Battlezone II v1.3TechAlpha5 (and also 1.3pb4a, before that) requires Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE), which were introduced with the Pentium III. AMD's Athlon XP (and newer) CPUs also support SSE. SSE provides some framerate boosts, and is now required.

Graphics Card:

Battlezone II v1.3 requires a graphics card (or integrated video) that has DirectX/Direct3D 9.0 (or higher) drivers. A card that can do hardware vertex Transform & Lighting (aka T&L) is highly recommended, and may be required. Limited to no testing has been done on graphics cards without Transform & Lighting. As T&L was first introduced August 1999 -- before Battlezone II 1.0 shipped to stores in December 1999 -- most systems should now have T&L support.


Battlezone II's original box specs noted that it required 64MB RAM. However, Windows 2000/XP/Vista and the like require more memory than that as their base specs. You should add at least 128MB RAM to what the requirements for your version of Windows are (see Microsoft's website for exact details). Thus, 192MB is a practical minimum amount of RAM for Win2000/XP, though Windows itself will crawl on such a system -- 384-512MB will be better. Vista and/or Win7 will probably require at least 512MB memory.


BZ2 also requires a audio output device (sound card, motherboard audio, etc) that supports DirectX 8.x. 3D positional audio is supported, but not required.

Operating System, DirectX:

Windows 2000/XP/Vista (or newer) are recommended. DirectX 9.0c August2008 SDK version is also required. Win95/98/ME support has been dropped because of several reasons: (1) Microsoft has dropped support for Win95/98/ME in the latest DirectX/Direct3D. (2) Microsoft has dropped support for Win95/98/ME in Visual Studio 2008. (3) Lots of useful programming library code is available only for Win2000 and up.

System Recommendations for this patch

Most testing and development of 1.3 has taken place on machines with at least a 500Mhz processor, 256MB ram, and a GeForce or better video card. This may be a good baseline; 1.5Ghz, 512MB ram, and a GeForce 2/Radeon 7200 or better might work even better. With Vista/Win7, at least 1GB of memory is recommended.

Installing Battlezone II from CD on Windows 2000/XP

The Battlezone II CD does not contain the best installer, as many have noticed. Under Windows 2000/XP, it will put up a dialog box saying that Windows NT is not supported. For some, click 'ok' to dismiss that message, and the installer works perfectly well after that. If the installer crashes, the following steps may help:

(Installing BZ2)

1. Open the BZ2 CD

2. Go to the Setup directory

3. Right-click on Setup.exe, and drag it onto the desktop.

4. Right-click on the shortcut, and select Properties.

5. Select the "Compatibility" tab.

6. Check the "Run in compatibility mode" box.

7. Select "Windows 95 Compatibility Layer" in the popup.

8. Click "OK" to close the Properties dialog box.

9. Double-click on the shortcut to install BZ2.

What uninstalling 1.3?

Sorry, there is no uninstaller for 1.3 specifically. For this reason, it is recommended that you reinstall BZ2 into a separate directory specifically for 1.3, and apply the 1.3 patch to that directory. There is no need to install any other patches (e.g. 1.2) before installing 1.3 -- there is only a cumulative patch able to upgrade any 1.x release of BZ2 to 1.3.

A separate 1.3 directory is the preferred method of installing 1.3, as it helps gets rid of any debris left over from broken MODs that installed themselves into the data directory, doesn't have any compatibility issues with MODs not yet updated for 1.3, and gives you a clean slate to begin with. If you take this route, you should have at least 600MB of free HD space before starting the separate install is required.

What new options are available with DirectX 9?

There are a lot of new options for graphics -- the entire graphics options page has been reorganized and new options added. Here's a short rundown of the new and/or changed options:


Note - this option will disappear if your selected 'Depthbuffer format' (right column of graphics options, see more below) doesn't have stencil capabilities. This option can be turned off and on at will, and may be auto-disabled during network games if your framerate isn’t high enough.

Texture size

Changes to this option require quitting and restarting BZ2.

Wait for VSync (left column, near the bottom)

Vertical Sync (VSync) is a way to either optimize for framerate or quality. There are two options: 'Off (fast)' and 'On (no tearing)'. This replaces the console 'vid.waitretrace' console command, and other ways to turn vsync off/on. When vsync is off, then it runs faster -- as soon as a frame is ready, it's sent to your screen. When vsync is on, then it waits for the next time your monitor has finished presenting a frame, and then presents that frame. That is obviously slower due to the wait, but prevents some 'tearing' when you see part of one frame, and part of a second frame. The 'refresh rate' option (right column, see below) is how long it'll have to wait. Changes to this option require quitting and restarting BZ2.

Anisotropic Filtering (left column, near the bottom)

This option will disappear if your card says that it can't do any anisotropic filtering at all. This is a horizontal slider, going from 0 to the maximum value your card supports. 0 means 'off', and is the fastest. Higher values increase quality of triangles that rotated relative to the camera, especially the terrain. You can adjust anisotropic filtering in realtime to see its effects -- try launching an Instant Action mission, and adjusting the anisotropic filtering slider while looking at the terrain.

Video adapter (top of right column)

This will list all monitor(s) connected to your system, and what graphics card is driving them. If you have only one monitor in your system, then there will only be one option in here, and not changeable. Changes to this option require quitting and restarting BZ2.

Video Mode

This has a list of graphics modes (resolutions) that can be run on the selected monitor. Minimum supported resolution is 640x480. Changes to this option require quitting and restarting BZ2.

Refresh Rate

This controls how fast your monitor refreshes, in hertz (times per second), and can vary based on the video mode selected. If you have a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT, tube) monitor, you will usually have more options in here. LCD screens will typically only refresh at 60 hertz. Changes to this option require quitting and restarting BZ2.

Video Adapter Format

This controls how many bits per color are used when the screen is presented to the user. The default, 24-bit color, is fine for most users; 16-bit color will tend to produce banding. The abbreviation after the format name (e.g. 'X8R8G8B8') is the order of the colors, and how many bits are given to each. For more information on these abbreviations, see . Changes to this option require quitting and restarting BZ2.

Backbuffer Format

This controls how many bits per color are used in the intermediate buffers while the frame is being rendered. The default is fine for most users. See the description and link under 'Video Adapter Format' for that the abbreviations after the name mean. Changes to this option require quitting and restarting BZ2.

Depthbuffer Format

This controls how many bits per pixel of Z-buffer are available, and optionally, how many bits for stencil buffers are available. The default of '24 bits Z w/ 8 bits for Stencil' is recommended for most users. If a mode without stencil bits is selected, then reflections will be unavailable. Reducing your Z depth to 16 bits may slightly increase framerate at the cost of some visual artifacts -- experiment to see what this does. See the description and link under 'Video Adapter Format' for that the abbreviations after the name mean. Changes to this option require quitting and restarting BZ2.

Multisample Type

This is a choice of what multisampling antialiasing (MSAA, also sometimes known as fullscreen antialiasing, FSAA) is set. The choice of 'None' (default) disables MSAA. There may be more options in this list based on what your graphics card supports at the given video mode/refresh rate/formats picked above. In general, the higher the setting (lower down in the list), you will see better results onscreen at the cost of some framerate. For more information on these modes, see . Changes to this option require quitting and restarting BZ2.

Multisampling Quality

For the given multisample type, you may have one or more options for the quality level applied to it. There may be more options in this list based on what your graphics card supports at the given video mode/refresh rate/formats picked above. In general, the higher the setting (lower down in the list), you will see better results onscreen at the cost of some framerate. Changes to this option require quitting and restarting BZ2.

Will I get a bajillion FPS with 1.3 like I do with game XYZ?

With 1.3TechAlpha5, you just might. 1.3TechAlpha5 finally adds in support for DirectX 9 and hardware Transformation & Lighting (commonly abbreviated 'T&L'). Support for that means that such work is offloaded to your graphics card, freeing up your CPU to be able to do more work. 1.3 also has a few speed optimizations in place, most of them not in the graphics code-- AI overbuild (which should be fixed) can cripple your FPS, but isn't graphics code related. Since 1.3pb4a, an additional requirement of a CPU that supports Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE), which was introduced with Intel's Pentium III family, and AMD's Athlon XP family. (And, later CPUs from them supported SSE as well.) Testers have noted that this produces a noticeable framerate boost -- not to stratospheric framerates, but definitely better than before SSE.

Further note - some graphics options, like local fog and reflections will definitely affect your framerate. Reflections, if enabled and the current map has water, will cause the entire world to be drawn twice -- once upside down in the water view, and once normally. That doubles the amount of work for BZ2 (figuring out what to draw, and telling DirectX about that), and doubles the work for DirectX 9 (the drawing). Thus, enabling reflections can and will drop your framerate.

Local fog submits many transparent polygons in order to provide a hemisphere of fogging over an area. BZ2 1.0-1.3pb4a did local fogging purely on the CPU; this can't easily be replicated with the 'fixed function pipeline' in DirectX 9. Thus, many transparent planes are drawn in order to draw something of a parallel effect. This will almost certainly reduce framerates when local fogging is enabled, and you are looking at such a region.

Also, turning on anisotropic filtering and/or multisampling antialiasing (MSAA) from the graphics options page will increase quality at the cost of framerate. (Anisotropic is generally cheaper than MSAA, I think.) Anisotropic filtering improves the look of triangles that are relatively perpendicular compared to the camera -- e.g. the terrain. If MSAA is set to anything above 'none' makes your card draw everything at a higher resolution than what is displayed, and then scale it down before drawing. This can drastically increase the load on your video card. As above, higher values for MSAA setting and quality will make things look better while reducing framerate. Lower MSAA setting & quality will make things look a little worse, but increase framerate. MSAA settings can't be changed without quitting restarting BZ2.

What about my overclocked system?

As noted above BZ2 puts much more work on your CPU than some other games. That amount of stress may expose faults in your overclocked setup far earlier than other games may do. If you are experiencing problems, then please try temporarily undoing your overclocking, and rerun BZ2. If the problem goes away, then the problem has been isolated to the overclocking, and not BZ2. No two applications use the same parts of the CPU, memory, etc, and "stability" in one application does not guarantee it being in all applications.

When I host a game, nobody can see it. How do I fix this?

First off, read the nettips.rtf file included in this patch. It points out which ports you need to open, and how to do that on many setups -- visit , for example. [Note: that is a 3rd party site; no guarantees if it'll still be functional or useful when you read this.] In short, by default, your internet router (either part of where your internet connection (DSL, Cable, wireless, etc) arrives, or a separate box directly connected to your internet connection), and software firewall are set to be maximally secure. To host, you must train your router and all firewall(s) to allow BZ2's packets through. If you don't do this, then hosting is impossible. Because there are so many companies producing routers, and models of routers, short instructions can not be given here; you must use a site like 's extensive database of routers, or you'll need to read the manual for your router. (Most manuals are available online from the manufacturer)

The ~ key doesn't work in game. How do I fix this?

First off, even though it's shown as ~ in the game menus, it's actually using the ` (grave, the apostrophe slanted towards the bottom right) key. Certain keyboards, or the Windows Media Center Edition may try and steal that key. BZ2 is not the only game that has issues with it. Some possible suggestions can be found at -- there are several pieces of info that might be useful.

Known Issues:

The following are some issues/quirks/bugs/whatever that are known, but weren't considered bad enough to hold up shipping

• Installer can leave readme in Windows tempdir if you view it from the installer.

• Editor switches to windowed mode while entering path editing mode (Shift-F9), this avoids AVs on some boxes. This behavior can be changed in render_editor.cfg, look for the EditorSchematicIsWindowed parameter

• MODs should distribute .MSH files for all their models. A console-warning will appear if BZ2 has to rebuild a .MSH file-- if end users have to do this, it can lead to bad assets

• EMBM bumpmapping was supported on BZ2 1.0-1.3pb4a. It has not been rewritten for 1.3techalpha5. It may reappear at some time, not sure. EMBM has always caused certain graphical issues; I'd rather disable it until I think it's really ready.

• High detail shadows are also disabled, once again, due to bugs present since BZ2 1.0. If it's not really ready and bug-free, I'd rather just disable it.

• Local fog had to be drastically rewritten for DirectX9, and will look different in 1.3techalpha5. Height based fog is not supported at all in 1.3techalpha5.

• The movie in the shell's main page will go white if you alt-tab away and back. So, don't alt-tab if you really need to see that movie for the millionth time. If you've got a compulsive need to alt-tab, just run the shell windowed.

• On certain cards, excessive use of lighting (usually seen in some MODs) may cause framerate reductions. On other cards, running terrain in med/high will cause drastic slowdowns. Not investigated yet.

Helpful Commandline switches:

The following are presented for reference only; be careful in how you use them-- they may seriously compromise your ability to enjoy BZ2 if misused. To add parameters to a commandline, you need to find (or make) a shortcut to the executable in question, then edit properties on the shortcut. At the end of the target edit box, put a space, then the command(s) and their arguments, separated by spaces. [If you don't know what this means, editing commandlines probably isn't for you.] For each of these commands, the '-', '/' or '+' (minus-sign, forward slash, or plus-sign) can be used to start them; the descriptions below start with - because I don't like the forward-slash convention started back in MS-DOS 1.0.

Commandline flags in both executables

• -win Starts BZ2 in windowed mode

• -nointro Skips the opening movie

• -trackfps Shows the framerate ingame in the upper left corner of the screen

• -nomovies Skips all prerendered movies.

• -resolution Width Height Sets ingame width/height of BZ2. Make sure that this is a size your video card supports

• -safemode Resets all graphics options to a safe setup. Useful to try when BZ2 isn't starting.

• -shell16bpp Sets the pregame shell to 16BPP (can also be adjusted in render.cfg/render_editor.cfg)

• -shell32bpp Sets the pregame shell to 32BPP (can also be adjusted in render.cfg/render_editor.cfg)

• -poweruser Sets a number of ingame preferences the way I'd prefer

• -nointerface Starts BZ2 w/o ingame interface. Use Shift-F5 to toggle,

• -nolights Turns off lights ingame. Should be same as graphics preferences

• -noparticles Turns off particle effects ingame completely

• -nods3d Turns off 3D sound effects, forcing everything to use 2D pan/fades

• -nods Should turn off sound effects completely. [Not tested recently]

• -slowaudio When present, uses an slower but more compatible audio play code. Use if your machine stutters when sfx are played, especially machineguns

• -nocdmusic Turns off any access to the CD drive for ingame music. Useful if your CD drive can take a while starting up.

• -multiworld Starts with 'multiworld' (smoothing/prediction for network play) on, even if not playing multiplayer

• -resave Forces a mission to be resaved immediately after loading. Used mainly to ensure .bzns are at the latest versions

• -shellmap PixelSize Saves a bmp preview of the map, with the specified pixel size. Use a power-of-2 for the size, like 128 or 256

• -aipLogging Turns on logging of AIPs (AI Plans, used by computer teams in IA/MPI/etc) to disk. Useful for mapmakers or AIP designers

• -config

Overrides the use of the bzone.cfg as default startup file with a custom one.

• -UseMyDocs Stores pilots, saves, etc under the My Documents folder, instead of directory with bzone.exe (automatically set if running under Windows Vista or later). This can be useful if multiple people play BZ2on the same computer.

• -Vista Stores pilots, saves, etc under the My Documents folder, instead of directory with bzone.exe (automatically set if running under Windows Vista or later). This can be useful if multiple people play BZ2on the same computer.

• -NoVista Stores pilots, saves, etc in same directory as bzone.exe, even if running under Windows Vista or later

• -odfwarnings If this is present, then it'll complain about game object class lines in ODFs that aren't specified to the battlezone.log file. If not present, it won't log anything. Note that most items being missing is normal, one major reason why this is off by default. Note: this is really for modders only.

• -nodxt DEPRECATED -- not supported anymore. Edit render*.cfg to achieve the same functionality.

BZ2Edit.exe - ONLY - commandline flags

• -nobodyhome Forces a map to not load any objects. Useful when starting a new one or as an emergency when everything is really broken

• -noscript Skips loading of map's DLL. In other words, loads all objects on the map, but not the DLL associated with a .sav/.bzn.

• -snapscrap On first load of a .bzn, moves all scrap to terrain level. To change another map, must exit & relaunch bz2edit.exe

• -DeleteAOIsOnLoad On first load, deletes all AOIs (Areas of Interest). Useful when a map has accreted too many. To change another map, must exit & relaunch bz2edit.exe

• -AdjustHeightOnLoad 0.0 On first load, adjusts the y-position of all items on the map vertically by the specified floating point value

Bzone.exe - ONLY - commandline flags (network code isn't in bz2edit.exe)

[For more info, please see the nettips.rtf file installed to the same directory as BZ2 by this patch]

• -net Turns on networking code

• -mapname name Sets the intial mapname used [Not tested recently]

• -hostname "Hosted by Me" Sets the initial session name used

• -host Port# Starts hosting a game on the specified port (default of 17770 is used if an invalid value is specified)

• -name "MyGameName" Sets the BZ2 playername of the host

• -password "TopSecret" Sets the initial password used

• -connect aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd:eeeee Tries to connect to a server on the specified IP address & port

• -ip aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd Tells BZ2 to bind to the network adaptor with the specified IP address. [Not tested recently]

• -lanonly Sets the default network behavior to LAN, disabling Gamespy. Can be changed from session search page

Other cool options

BZ2 1.3 adds in a new file in the addon\Config\ directory, GamePrefs.ini. It has a number of extra tuning values and the like in it. This can be edited in any standard text editor like Notepad. [Note: by default, Windows hides the file extension, so it may show only as "GamePrefs".] Please back up that file before messing with it-- it may be possible to degrade your game experience if things are edited too much. Most options have comments before them to explain a little of what they do, and what some of the allowable values are. Note that as of 1.3pb4, you should NOT directly edit the GamePrefs.ini file directly, but put changed lines in the LocalPrefs.ini file, also found in the same directory.

Installer standalone mode

You can run the 1.3 installer from the commandline if desired. If, for example, you wanted to place a copy in C:\temp\InstallTemp, then run

BZ2_v13_Installer.exe /S /D=C:\temp\InstallTemp


BZ2_v13_Installer.exe /NOREDIST /S /D=C:\temp\InstallTemp

No quotes should be used after /D, if you're installing to a directory with spaces in the name. The first line above will run the vcredist_x86.exe afterwards, the second version won't.

Special thanks:

What follows is a list of 1.3 testers alphabetized by board handles. Some names might have been inadvertently lost during a board switchover; apologies if you're caught in this category.

*sinbad*, @4u, APCs r Evil, arcer, aougli, Avatar, Axeminister, bigbadbogie, Big_Kenny, Blarbo, blewyn, BS-er, Bull Dog, BZ Wardog , BZZERKER, Centerline, CmptrWz, Commando, Condor, Coxxon, Dataanti, DarkFox, dazza9075, DF-Mj.Gen.Dead_Eye, Dirty Rooster, DutchBoy, Feared_1, FireFLY, Fishbone, Fixxxer, FraKTal, Fried, General BlackDragon, General_Hoohah, General Manson, Grass69er, GreenHeart, Huscar, IceWendigo, Jetfire, JOKesTER, Juvat, Killer ][nstinct, LastBoyScout, Lizard, LoClubberlick, lucky_foot, MalevolencE, markshelby, Marksman, Marzipan, Marzipan2u, Mattroxx, MAUS, Menacer, Michael, Montana, Mother's Helper, MowerMan, MrTwoSheds, Namarrgon, Natty Bumppo, Nielk1, NoK0mm3nt, NukeDaddy, OldManGloom, Onyx, OvermindDL1, Pastell, psych0fred, Rapier, Red Devil, RubiconAlpha, RustyBones, Ryoanji, sabrebattletank, Scout, (SFP)Shadower, Shane Ward, SilverB1rd, Slaor, Smoke_Jaguar, Smuggler, SFP Sonic, spAce, Spacecomber, Spawn, Speedy, spiritplumber, SquareEyes, StrangeFLY, technoid, Tempest Storm, TheJamsh, TimeVirus, Total Oblivion Omnis, Tyreal Mathias, VSMIT, Warfreak, wug, zeeder, Zero Angel, ZOEBart, {VnB}Aegeis, ~RIP~Maverick-=F=-

Special recognition (from GSH) should go to the honorary lead tester, Commando, for spending countless hours looking for and reproducing bugs so they can be efficiently squashed. Also, an honorary lead asset manager should go to GreenHeart for dozens of model, asset, map creation & tweaking.

Programming thanks:

Thanks to the following groups who genorously contributed the following source code and DLLs to the world. BZ2 v1.3 uses them, and their contributions are appreciated. All of these are (to the best of our knowledge) freely available, and includable in commercial software without having to redistribute source. The following are used by bzone.exe and bz2edit.exe, directly. [DLLs are used for all of the ones below except dlmalloc]

• dlmalloc version 2.8.3, from . This memory allocator is faster and more efficient than the one that ships with DevStudio. Statically linked inside bzone/bz2edit.exe executables.

• dbghelp.dll version, freely downloadable from . This helps generate callstacks when the app crashes -- hopefully less often than it did in the past.

• Independent JPEG Group's JPEG source version 6b, from

• JasPer version 1.900.1, from (Note: this lib is statically linked into the OpenIL DLL, as the JasPer libs are not set up to be built as a separate DLL.)

• libpng version 1.2.35 from

• libtiff 3.8.2 from

• libmng 1.0.10 from

• libvorbis 1.2.0 and libogg 1.1.3 from

• Little CMS library, v 1.18 from

• MiniUPNP client v1.0, from the 29/01/2009 22:49:47 distribution, from . Copyright (c) 2005-2008, Thomas BERNARD All rights reserved.

• OpenIL v1.7.8, from , which statically links to the JasPer library, and dyanmically links to the Independent JPEG, PNG, TIFF, MNG, LCMS, and ZLib libraries. (Some .vcproj modifications to default install were made to compile under VS.NET 2008, and aggressively optimize; copy of changed files is included as addon\OpenILChanges.7z )

• zlib v1.2.3, from (linked by bzone.exe/bz2edit.exe and various OpenIL-derived libs)

BZ2 1.3 installer uses:

• 7Zip decompression DLL, 7zxa.dll . Per , I note that (1) that the installer used parts of the 7-Zip program, (2) that 7-Zip is licensed under the GNU LGPL license and (3) curious users should look at, where the source code can be found.

• zlib, same as bzone.exe/bz2edit.exe, as above, though statically linked.

• Code from - very easy to use code that allows the installer to register Battlezone II with WinXP SP2 (or newer OSs, like Vista)'s firewall. If other firewall apps have really simple to use code like this, I'd consider including it too.

DXTGen.exe (a separate tool for modders, download separately from pb4) , uses the following:

• The same OpenIL and helper DLLs as above (CMS, JPEG, mng, OpenIL/ILU, png, tiff, zlib)

• nVidia DXT compression libraries from DDS_Utilities_8.31.0225.1745.exe from .

• PCRE - Perl Compatible Regular Expressions v7.9 from

• WTL 8.0, from , available under Microsoft Permissive License

[BLATANT PLUG] Other games you may want to buy:

While 1.3 has been in development, Nathan and Ken have worked on the following games for Pandemic Studios: [aka, the day jobs that allowed us to work on 1.3 in our spare time]

• Triple Play 2002 for PS2/XBox. See for more info

• Star Wars: The Clone Wars for Gamecube, PS2, XBox. See for more info

• Star Wars: Battlefront for PS2, XBox, PC. See for more info

• Star Wars: Battlefront II for PS2, XBox, PC. See for more info

• Mercenaries 2: World in Flames. See or for more info.

• Lord of the Rings: Conqest. See for more info.

• The Saboteur. See for more info.

• [Possibly other titles after Mercenaries 2/LOTR:Conquest shipped.]

Pandemic Studios also has shipped a lot of titles since BZ2 was released, including Full Spectrum Warrior (XBox/PC/PS2), Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers (XBox/PC), Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction (XBox/PS2), and Destroy All Humans (XBox/PS2). See for the current list of announced projects and archive of completed projects. Purchasing games is the best way to show your support for those involved in creating them.

Note: in November, 2005, Pandemic Studios merged with Bioware -- . In January 2008, Electronic Arts -- -- purchased Pandemic & Bioware. You may want to also consider games by them. It would be remiss to not mention Activision -- , as the publisher of Battlezone 1 & 2.

Also, in January 2009, Ken Miller started working for Armature Studio, see .

Final words:

This patch was created by Ken "Ultraken" Miller & Nathan "GSH" Mates in their spare time working from home.

Nathan would like to acknowledge the patient understanding of his wife, Andrea, and their daughter, in putting up with his continued work on Battlezone 2 in his spare time.

Nathan would like to dedicate this patch to the victims and heroes of September 11, 2001 and the efforts since then to bring the perpetrators to justice.

"But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings

like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." - Isaiah 40:31

Ken cannot top Nathan's dedication, so he will just let it speak for itself.

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