Infinite Rift

Infinite Rift is a new Half-Life add on with 12 new levels...

Infinite Rift

Infinite Rift is a new Half-Life add on with 12 new levels and a new storyline.

Infinite Rift is a new Half-Life single player expansion that adds on to the original Half-Life storyline. It features 12 new maps including in-game cutscenes that move the story along.

You play as our original hero Gordon Freeman, this time aided by a brave scientist named Dr. Larry Hoota. After the Administrator's take over of the Black Mesa Complex he started work on his ultimate device of destruction, project : Infinite Rift. Not much is know about the rift, only that it has power enough to destroy the very fabric of time and space. Dr. Larry begs for your help to solve this mystery and thwart the Administrator's dark plot.

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