Zone Assault: Telemark

In this new Zone Assault map created by an ex-EA employee;...

Zone Assault: Telemark

In this new Zone Assault map created by an ex-EA employee; Telemark, both teams will spawn inside a hardwater factory in the mountains of Telemark, Norway.

Zone Assault: Telemark

Mod & Map for MOHAA Breakthrough and Spearhead

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Requirements: Zone Assault: Telemark, requires Medal of Honor Allied Assault and either

Breakthrough or Spearhead expansion packs installed to play.

Installation: Download the "" file located at:

Extract this zip file into your "main" folder, located in your "mohaa" folder.

i.e. "C:\program files\EA GAMES\MOHAA\main". That's it, you're done!

Hosting: This map uses a new gametype I call Zone Assault, which uses the TOW framework.

This map can be run as a Zone Assault (TOW), Team Deathmatch or Free for All.

The Telemark map is selectable in the standard "Start Game" section of "Multiplayer"

within Breakthrough or Spearhead.

How to play: In this new Zone Assault map; Telemark, both teams will spawn inside a

hardwater factory deep in the snowy mountains of Telemark, Norway. The first objective

of both teams is to gain control of the room containing the sophisticated hardwater

creation equipment. After a team successfully gains control of this room, the doors

leading to the opposing team's HQ will unlock, giving the prevailing team an opportunity

to destroy the other team's HQ and win the round. However, if the other team gains

control of the room before the explosives are planted, the explosives can't be planted

again until control of the room is regained. Spawn locations will change based on which

team controls the room as well. If you ever get lost, follow your compass.

Check back at often for new maps and information

regarding Zone Assault.


Zone Assault Mod & Telemark Map

Created by:

Thomas "Zigaboo" Flint

Scripting, Design, Texturing by:

Thomas "Zigaboo" Flint

Beta Testing:

(In alphabetical order)


Thomas "Zigaboo" Flint

Hans Gruber

Edward "shogunoharlem*!" Kim



Monkey Punch


schwetty weiner





Special thanks goes out to:

Eben Cook

Chris Shelton


©2003-2004 Thomas Flint

[email protected]

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