Counter-Strike - Surfing Map pack

Counterstrike surf maps for cs 1.6...

Counter-Strike - Surfing Map pack

Counterstrike surf maps for cs 1.6

Surfing maps contain long angled, triangular "rails" called surfs. A player jumps on the surfs and strafes toward the center of it, allowing them to slide down it (aka "Surfing") in order to get to the end of the map. These maps range from short, simple and easy to long, complex and difficult. These maps may only have Counter Terrorist spawns or both, but killing is usually not the main goal. Surf maps come in three main flavors: course, level-based, or freestyle. Course maps have two spawns and the objective is to reach the end as fast as possible, there is a definite end to the map. Level-based maps have one spawn point and short surf "obstacle courses" which lead to the next obstacles, Freestyle surf maps have either one or two spawns and no levels, sometimes the secondary goal is killing. Support countersurf and idle at #countersurf @

Top 3 Counter-Strike - Surfing Map pack Alternatives


Love "storm the beach" type maps, but hate the high r-speeds...

De Militia

A bomb/defusion version of cs_militia...


a nice counter-strike map...

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