War Rock Beta Patch #2

This is the beta patch for War Rock Beta, updating the

  • Category First Person
  • Size 125.8 MB
  • Program by Dream Execution

War Rock Beta Patch #2

This is the beta patch for War Rock Beta, updating the First-Person Shooter title and fixing things listed below in more information.

2006.08.09 "Second Phase"

Anti-hack (texture) implemented

General bugfixes

Partial voice file updates

Added weapon: AK-47 automatic rifle

Added weapon: .357 Magnum pistol

Added map: Ravello 2nd Street

Added map: Harbor_IDA

Balance changes: Repair Pads affect 12% per repair

Engineer repair adjusted

Sniper rifle accuracy/power adjusted

Visual Changes to player costumes

Bugfixes to:

Error: Abnormal Map Data on all new maps

Crash to Desktop upon loss of network connection to server

Network bandwidth usage

"flashing" WR screen

"zen grenade" exploit

Crash on helicopter leaving Cantumira map zone

Velruf map portal exploit

Server firewall preventing game update

Game will not start without BGM

AMD Dual Core bug

Graphics Shearing issue

Win98 Install issue

Room Limit Ping text in Korean

Missing ping dots in Lobby

Server issue updating previous versions

London Server lag issues

Splash screen not updated

Known Issues (patch-specific):

Voice file bugs

Voice replacements excluded from Mission Mode

Harbor_IDA clipping errors

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