Counter-Strike: Source - CS_Jungle

This is a pretty incredible jungle map for Counter-Strike:...

Counter-Strike: Source - CS_Jungle

This is a pretty incredible jungle map for Counter-Strike: Source. The Counter-Terrorists must rescue the terrorists from some sort of farm that grows wacky tobbaccy.

* Version 0.1 - Beta, first release:

- This is the first release of the map, my tests with bots show it is working though several adjusments should be made for improvment.

Known issues:

- Bots lag the map seriously.

- Hostages require some guidence in order not to lose them on your way.

- Bridge might cause some problems.

I would like comments on FPS issues in the map (Runs fine on my Ti4200, with fps similiar to dust2 and compound). E-Mail me at [email protected]

* Version 0.2 - Beta, first release:

- Bridge made static, I was dreaming anyway.

- Added some clip brushes to prevent players from getting stuck in walls in the middle of firefights.

- Bots still lag, if anyone could point a solution it would be nice.

- Fixed some bad texture alignments.

* Version 0.3 - Beta

- Added occluders, FPS is up to 15% higher in some critical spots, but more than that I couldn't do.

- Nav file fixed, it's not 400k instead of 2MB and fixes hostage movement (They won't dance around the garage and follow better in the woods) and also eliminates the bot lag. Bots can now be added freely (Well, as free as in any other map) and they now know the paths to all hostages and the path from the overpass (Though, they're don't seem to use it)

- Fixed the rocks that were standing in air on the ledge of the cliff

- Blocked some areas that let you get on the cliffs (Special thanks to games for finding some wierd spots)

- Added an easter egg, as a signature for people that get the map without a readme.

- Fixed some invalid CT spawns, map not officialy supports 40 players (If anyone actually manages to get so much players on a server, I'd like a mail about that)

- Fixed some points of awful mapping technics, nothing you'll notice but took down vis time for compiling and I think it's more fair in the balance of things...


All models and textures are created by me, but can be used by any other mapper for his map freely. As long that he doesn't make any profit of this work. In the later case, E-Mail me at [email protected] for resloving the issue. Also in both cases, credit should still be given to me. In case anyone wants the source file of the art he's welcome to E-Mail me (Again, [email protected])

* The following textures are not original work, and therefore are free for any use:

- dirt01, mud01, cliff05a, cliff05b, grass01.

- Omer Sturlovich

- Shiroko

- [email protected]

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