Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Skyrim HD 2k Textures Mod v1.3

This modification is a work in progress which plans to redo...

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Skyrim HD 2k Textures Mod v1.3

This modification is a work in progress which plans to redo all the low resolution textures of Skyrim into a higher, more detailed resolution. This mod starts its project at Whiterun and the surrounding areas and plans to expand from there. The texture resolutions are 4-8x bigger then the originals, an awesome video card is recommended.




Skyrim HD is a project for texture enhancement in Skyrim. (WIP)

The achived texture resolution is 4-8x (2-8k) bigger than the original ones.

All the textures are made from scratch.


=What you get=



- ALL the Landscape textures have been completely remade

-> also included: 2K Roads, 4K Mountains, 2K Cliffs and some 8K Tree textures

- 4K Water texture

- 2K Rain Ripples

- 4K Stars

- 4K Galaxy

- 2K Sunglare

- 2K Foam texture

- 2K Whiterun textures

- 2K Windhelm textures

- 2K Dungeon ground

- 2K Selling Bar (Global)

Fixed since 1.1:

- Whiterun rugs

- Wood specularity

- Added Mip-Maps to all textures

- Several color adjustments

- new Mountains > I recreated the structures of the vanilla and made an completely new 4K texture > better tiling


=System Requirements=


Keep in mind: This is a huge texture replacement (~1GB when extracted) and the textures are much bigger then the original ones,

so your loading times will increase.


When using my mod your game will probably use 1.8GB of RAM in worst case (+/- 200 MB),

so I recommend to look out for your available RAM before you start skyrim:

- Close everything you don't need (Internet Browser etc...)

- Start your Task-Manager (STRG+ALT+DEL) and look how much available RAM you have

For the optimum gaming experience I recommend 2GB free RAM.

You can also play with less RAM available, just try out if everything works fine.

VRAM (Memory of your Graphics Card):

I recommend 1GB or more for the optimal performance.

As said, you can try with less, but keep in mind that you may get performance drops.

For the CPU requirements I have to collect feedback from you, the users.

This is my setup, where everything works perfectly fluid:

CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K

GPU: nVidia GTX 570 (1.25 GB)


HDD: OCZ RevoDrive

I also play in 1080p resolution and tweaked everything in Skyrim to maximum.

Maybe I will provide the optimum settings for Skyrim HD as an optional file, if many people want it.

REMEMBER: Everything mentioned above is JUST for my Mod. If you installed many other Mods, this could be diffrent.




1. Extract

2. Put the folder "textures" into "skyrim/data"

3. Download the 4GB patch from

4. Start the game with 4GB patch and have fun!

For the optimum apperance of Skyrim I recommend to installing Vurts Flora Mod first.

When you install my mod, just press "replace" if you want to use my custom bark for Pine and Snow trees.




Q: How do I install this?

A: First you can use the Mod Manager from Or you install them manually: Extract the package, and copy the "textures" folder into "skyrim/data". Finished!

Q: Why it still doesn't work?

A: Check your folder structure. It is mostly caused by a wrong folder structure.

Q: How do I uninstall this?

A: If you want to unistall, delete the "texture" folder in your "data" directory. Be careful: If you delete the whole texture folder, other mods you may have installed there will also be gone.

If you want to uninstall just my textures, look in the archive you downloaded from here to see which exact textures my mod replaces and delete only them. (Too much to list them all here)

Q: Why my game crashes withouth any error message?

A: Use the 4GB Patch, it should fix the CTD's (Crash To Desktop) and "Purple Textures". You can download it here:

Q: 4GB Patch installed, but it still has CTD's or purple textures. What to do?

A: I figured out that many people just think that they use it, because they didn't read the description of the 4GB Patch properly. If you are 100% sure you use 4GB Patch and haven't overtweaked your .ini your pc seems to be not good enough for high resolution textures. Use the LITE Version instead.

Q: My FPS Drops really hard. What could it be?

A: First check if your system is close to mine. If yes, but you still got bad fps, your settings could be overtweaked. If you haven't overtweaked anything, use the LITE Version. It provides reduced resolution textures for slower computers.

NOTE: If your system struggles just when see many trees, delete the following folder "textures/landscape/trees". This will revert the trees back to vanilla and will solve this issue.

Q: Does this mod drop my FPS really hard?

A: Depends on your computer, .ini settings, and number of mods. Version 1.2 is huge, so your fps will drop, depending on how much textures the game needs to load. How much FPS drop you get? Depends on your system. Just try it out. You still can play around with the skyrim settings.

Q: My downloaded file is corrupt. What to do?

A: Try to redownload the file. The nexus sites are pretty overloaded so the connection could be interrupted. This causes the errors in the archive. Also try to download from a Mirror.

Q: Can I upload your mod on a Mirror?

A: I think I currently got enough mirrors, but if you really think I should add another one, write me a pm before you upload it. NOTE: Ask me for permission BEFORE you upload it, please.

Q: What Rig do you have to play everything fluid?

A: I have an i7 2600k, a GTX 570, 8GB of RAM and an OCZ Revodrive (SSD).

Q: What are your Skyrim Settings?

A: I tweaked my Settings pretty perfect for my computer. l provide my settings-data as an optional download. I recommend to only use them if you have a similar system. (SSD is not neccesary for good FPS)

Q: Does this Mod conflicts with others?

A: Just keep in mind what my mod replaces (written above) and you can easily conclude if another mod would conflict.


-Personal Note:-


You like my textures?

Then you maybe also like my Music!


Facebook Fan Page



-And finally:-


Special thanks to "brandon2u" for his help in the Mod-Forum


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