DeerHunter 5 v1.1 - v1.2 Patch

Here will bring your 1.1 version to v1.2 for your DeerHunter...

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  • Program by Infogrames

DeerHunter 5 v1.1 - v1.2 Patch

Here will bring your 1.1 version to v1.2 for your DeerHunter 5 hunting simulation. See additional information for complete details on this patch.

It is important to note that if you wish to play Multi-Player Deer Hunter 5, your version and the version of the person(s) you are playing with MUST match. In other words, a user with version 1.0 cannot play a game with a user running version 1.2 and vice versa.

Fixes for Deer Hunter 5 Patch Version 1.2

Animations for .243 semi-auto fixed.

Fixed a problem with incorrect button showing up for .300 win mag.

Added .44 Mag lever action rifle.

Fixed issue with huge scores in Virtual Season.

Fixed issue with 14 point racks not showing up on mule deer.

Fixed issue with gun sight settings not being reloaded in some hunts.

Fixed issue with fawns having racks.

Fixed issue with fine scope movement being frozen as the player crosses due south

Fixed several crashes in hunt

Game now saves the backpack layout after each hunt so players do not have to reload the backpack.

Fixed issue with scope sensitivity not being reloaded every time.

Fixed issue with muzzleloader misfire chances.

Fixed issue with deer spooking immediately upon entering hunt

Fixed visual issue of Virtual Season stats overwriting other text.

Fixed visual issue in Settings screen.

Attempted to fix issue with deer getting stuck in animation loop falling down and getting back up.

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