1337 Converter

Converts to and from 1337 5p34k and vice - versa...

1337 Converter

Converts to and from 1337 5p34k and vice - versa. With 2 build it language sets and a customisable set.

A you tired of not being to decipher other 1337 h4XX0rs? Well this program is your answer with the functionality to convert text to and from 1337 5p34k. With 2 built-in 1337 languages and a customisable language and word replacement functionality ("hacker" to "h4XX0r" etc) where you can add and remove words, this program is perfect for all you chatting, h4XX0ring, script kiddie-ing people!

Now anyone can talk like the truly Elite, ever wondered what you were missing out on in all of those irc chatrooms? well now you will know!

n0w j00 d0n'7 h4v3 70 807h3r 7r4n5147!n9 7h3 14n9u493 0f 7h3 7ru1y 1337 f0r 7h3 n0085, j00 (4n 137 7h3m kn0w h0w fu7!13 r35!574n(3 r3411y !5

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