Road To Basra v.0.35A

This is an update to the 0.1 Alpha version of...

Road To Basra v.0.35A

This is an update to the 0.1 Alpha version of Road_To_Basra.rfa map/level file for the Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat Mod.

Unzip or copy the file Road_To_Basra.rfa to the folder - "EA GAMES/Battlefield 1942/Mods/DesertCombat/Archives/bf1942/levels" (delete or replace the old version of the file if you have it) TO UNINSTALL Just Delete the file Road_To_Basra.rfa in the same folder you installed it in.


Norman de los Santos

[email protected]


Full Custom Battlefield 1942 Multiplayer Conquest Map for Desert Combat Mod


Road to Basra (Road_To_Basra.rfa) v.0.35 Alpha Release

A Desert Combat, Conquest Map. (Unofficial)

This is a composite map based on events, places, and written & broadcasted news reports about the war on Iraq.

This map contains most of the land and air vehicles featured in the DC .35e Alpha release.

Map Objectives:

There are 2 permanent flag bases; The Iraqui Military Command Center, and The Coalition Staging Point Base.

There are 5 Primary flag points to capture (AreaValue); An Iraqi Airfield (30), The Republican Guard Base (25), The Oil Refinery (25), Iraqi Government Building (20), and a Small Village (20)

There are 2 Secondary flag points to secure; An Outpost near the airfield and a Hotel in the city. These two have zero AreaValue but it has strategic value; it brings you closer to the action.

Release Notes and Issues:


v.0.35 A (May 12, 2003)

Updated for DC v.0.35

Added BDRM2-Spandrel Vehicle Spawns.

Added A-10c Cluster Bomber Spawn.

Ingame Map Redone.

Re-balanced team inventory.

Still just straight multiplayer Conquest for DC. No Single Player mode, CTF, Co-Op, TDM, S&D, RTR, or BF1942 support.


v. 0.3 A (May 10, 2003)

Added machinegun points.

Added Coalition Destroyer with "Cruise Missile" (DC v.0.35)

ObjectLightmap Shadows NOT finished. I am having trouble with 3DSMax 5 settings.


v. 0.25 A (May 8, 2003)

Added Airplane repair & ammo reload points to the runway. DC anommaly: Land vehicle still show the repair icon in the air field, although they are not being repaired. Land vehicle's ammo gets reloaded @ the airfield (will fix later)

Added & Redistribute several Land Vehicle Spawns; APC, Mobile Artilliary, Heavy & Light Tanks.

Custom MaterialMap Finished.


v. 0.2 A (May 3, 2003)

Added aestetic objects, view distance increased. (less haze/fog)

Added two new flag points & several new spawn points.

Fixed Loading Screen Progress Bar.


v. 0.15 A (April 29, 2003)

Retexture, Reworked Heightmap, and Burned Shadows. Less Green Ground, more sand & dirt.

Added vehicle spawn; 2nd coalition blackhawk.

Added Heliport @ Coalition Base.

Fixed floating buildings.


v.0.1 A (April 24, 2003)

On the load screen, the progress bar fills up then refreshes numerous times while loading. I don't know why it does this (in my machine) but it loads just as well.

I'm having difficulty creating a MaterialMap file (I followed every Tutorial out there but the file still crashes the game), as for now I am using El Almein's MaterialMap. :(

Map Shadows and textures need improvement and Object Lightmaps are not done. Next upgrade...

For now its just straight multiplayer Conquest for DC. No Single Player mode, CTF, Co-Op, TDM, S&D, RTR, or BF1942 support.

If anyone with the mapping resources, tools, time and skill would like to help further the development of this map, please contact me at [email protected]

Slows or lags (momentary freeze) during flag capture or multiple vehicle spawns. Watch out for the city area's high FPS rate.

Map balancing... Not done yet.


This is a Full Custom Battlefield 1942 Map/Level for Desert Combat Mod.

Designed and created by Nordenx ©2003, to be distributed freely to bf1942 and DC Mod game owners and players. Please, don't modify and redistribute this map without the author's permission. Any inquiries, email [email protected]

Desert Combat is developed and copyrighted by Trauma Studios.

Battlefield 1942 is a registered trademark of EA Games and Digital Illusions.

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