Halflife: Mission Failed

Mission Failed is a new Half-Life single player experience

  • Category First Person
  • Size 12.3 MB
  • Program by Manuel Schmitt

Halflife: Mission Failed

Mission Failed is a new Half-Life single player experience. Fourteen maps, new sounds, new textures, lots of puzzles, enemies and more!

The earth still rests in peace, no one would dare to interrupt the allday-business of the human race and imagine the intruding of an alien force on earth...Although you have a dangerous job as a member of a special unit, trained to handle inconveniences in the international research and science competition, your day starts quite normal.

Your mission seems to be kind of routine - nothing complicated.Your code is 100X345 - and this code was chosen to infiltrate an abandonned research facility on a small island in the pacific. Your mission is to get

some information of higher concern out of the facilty.

Unfortunatly, agents of an enemy country got into possession of informations about the location of the facility. But they still did not find the entrance - so you shouldn't really encounter serious problems. After all - that's what you are trained for, isn't it?

After landing on the island and eliminating a small unit of an enemy force, you find the secret entrance to the facilty and hope for a fast ending of your mission.

But very soon you find the first strange thing: A dead scientist is not only very unusual in an abandonned research facility, but also indicates a whole bunch of problems - and these start right away!

Not only dead scientists and soldiers is what you find, but also creatures you never have seen before - the bad thing about these lifeforms: they are alive and not too friendly.

Now you really begin to feel curious about the whole thing and step by step you realize what has happened, what is happening and what will happen - and to be concrete: What will happen in 2 days.

Until then you never heard of a Black Mesa Research Facility or a scientist named Gordon Freeman... but these two names are definitly bound together with the horror you found on this small island.

And suddenly you realize the great danger for the human race and your possibility to save humanity. So what're you waiting for, soldier 100X345??

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