Air Command 3.0 Patch v3.1

This will patche your 3.0 Air Traffic Control title up to...

Air Command 3.0 Patch v3.1

This will patche your 3.0 Air Traffic Control title up to version 3.1. Fixes bugs, adds enhancements to game play, and new features including military flybys! See more info for details on the update.

The list of fixes, enhancements, and additions:

1) Bug Fix

Fixed certain combinations of shift time and number of planes chosen

in the custom game setup dialog caused AC3 not to start properly on

subsequent game plays - rare.

2) Bug Fix

Fixed turning music on and sound effects off that prevented AC3 from

running on some systems.

3) Bug Fix

Fixed random cloud patterns at the beginning of the game that caused

an access violation and shutdown - rare.

4) Enhancement

The player will no longer be able to access the Control Panel while the

game is paused, thus eliminating a "cheat".

5) Enhancement

The New Game Dialog has been improved to provide easier

airport/setup selections with airport layout graphics and better UI.

6) Enhancement

The Hi Score Dialog now provides additional information on the

components of the score such as number of near misses, successful

handoffs/landing, etc.

7) New Feature

A new game option: Military Flyby's. If enabled, military jets

(sometimes single, sometimes multiple in formation) may cross the

radar screen. The players can't control these, and must keep traffic

clear and away from them.

8) New Feature

The option of using your own audio CD instead of the internal music

during game play.

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