11 great games and fighting vid all made in flash...


11 great games and fighting vid all made in flash.

XiaoXiao one

Description: This one is an avi file, so i dont know how your browser will handle it. Even though the quality isnt so good for this vid, it is very funny, and one of my fav.

XiaoXiao two

Description: A cool little game, the goal is to hit spacebar when the arrow is at the reddest bar (you will see what i mean). Cool animations for a simple game.

XiaoXiao three

Description: The greatest flash vid ever, this is what made him known. A lot of fighting, great action, and some amazing effects.

XiaoXiao four

Description: Really fun game, amazing detail. Conrols: Left click to Fire and Space to reload once you have 2 or less bullets left.

XiaoXiao five

Description: Great fight vid, with a funny ending.

XiaoXiao six

Description: Some cool animations in this "game" just mash space over and over.

XiaoXiao seven

Description: Simply beautiful 3d effects, once you see this, you WILL want more.

XiaoXiao eight

Description: The long awaited contiuation, some nice landscapes, and a car chase.

XiaoXiao nine

Description: Strangley this isnt a continuation of the last set (7 and 8) but a great game none the less.

City Plaza

Description:Very similar to XiaoXiao3 but its worth the watch, much more colorful and detailed.

Way of the Exploding Stick

Description:Act out your own XiaoXiao movie in this side scrolling game.

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