Bullet Time Quake2

With this mod you can toggle bullet time like in The Matrix.

Unzip the gamex86.dll file into your baseq2 folder (remember to backup the one you already have which is the default game setting)

then run Quake2 and goto console and bind the following keys:-

bind f1 "btimeon" // this activates bullet time

bind f2 "btimeoff" // this deactivates bullet time

bind f3 "btime1" // this sets the time delay to slowest

bind f4 "btime2" // medium

bind f5 "btime3" // fastest (still slow though)


The monsters cant move when you are in bullet time

machine gun uses blaster bullets when btime is on

the chaingun and railgun does not get affected yet.

The Rate of fire is unchanged and you can move nomal.

Well enjoy this mod

and email me for any info

[email protected]


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