WarHammer Online: Age of Reckoning - Tortall's DPS Meter Addon

Tortal DPS Meter is a must have for all damage inflicting...

WarHammer Online: Age of Reckoning - Tortall's DPS Meter Addon

Tortal DPS Meter is a must have for all damage inflicting masters who want to know how damage they are doing.

TortallDPSCore has been updated to version 2.1.0.

TortallDPSCore may be found at http://war.curse.com/downloads/war-addons/details/tdc.aspx

Note: If the client claims that /tdps is not a command, please do the following:

1) Edit TortallDPSMeter/Tortall_DPS.mod.

2) Add the following line

immediately before the line which reads

Note: As of version 6.1.0, Warboard_TDPS is no longer included. Warboard_TDPS is now a separate project, located at http://war.curse.com/downloads/war-addons/details/warboard_tdps.aspx

Tortall DPS Meter provides an overall view of your combat stats, for both damage and healing. Stats include total, average per attack/heal, and min/max for a single hit/heal. Each stat is also broken down between normal and crit damage/heal.

The summary view has tabs for damage and healing. The detail views show abilities and targets based on the current tab.

TDPS provides the following detail views:

Abilities - Shows stats for abilities used.

Targets - Shows stats for damage/healing done to individual targets. For Mobs, which share names, the damage for each unique name is lumped together.

What Hit Me? - This view shows stats for abilities you have taken damage from.

What Healed Me? - This view shows stats for abilities that have healed you.

Who Hit Me? - Shows who has hit you.

Who Healed Me? - Shows who has healed you.

Group - If other party members are using TDPS, and have TortallAddonChat or LibSync enabled, a brief summary of their stats will appear in this view.

All the detail windows are sortable by all columns. The default for all is Name/Ascending. Clicking the column name will toggle between ascending and descending. Currently, sort settings are not saved across reloads.

The statistic displayed in each column is user-selectable. To change the statistic, right-click on the column heading and choose from the menu.


To create a macro to toggle TDPS, use the following macro text: /script TortallDPSMeter.Toggle()

TDPS provides plugins for the following:


New in 5.0.0

Support for multiple meters. To change channels, right-click on the summary window and choose between Overall, User 1 and User 2. Each channel may be reset independently. Future versions will expand this functionality.

Preliminary support for German is now included in TortallDPSCore, which is now a separate project.

Crit percentage (percentage of the number of hits/heals that are crits) on the detail views. This is not the percentage of damage done or hits healed.

New in 6.0.0

User-selectable columns! You are now able to change the statistic displayed for each column in the detail view. Each detail view has its own settings. Changes are saved across sessions.

Added Mitigation and percent of total damage/healing to the stats available in the detail view.

New in 6.1.0

New columns for the Detail view.

Added Block, Disrupt, Dodge and Parry columns. Currently, these only make sense for Abilities and Target Detail views. Defense events for incoming damage are not yet tracked. Requires TortallDPSCore 2.1.0+.

New in 6.2.0

Transparency settable by right-clicking the Window Title.

Added a button to toggle the Meter's window. This button may be positioned or hidden in the Layout Editor.


TortallAddonChat (1.1.1 and below)


TortallDPSCore (5.0.0 and above)


TortallAddonChat (1.2.0 and up)

LibSync (4.1.0 and up)

To Use:

/tdps toggle - Show or Hide the window.

/tdps reset - Reset all statistics for the current meter.

/tdps nochat - Disables all attempts to use TortallAddonChat and LibSync.

/tdps chat - Enables attempts to use TortallAddonChat or LibSync. Requires /reloadui.

Coming Soon:

Place your request here.

Coming Eventually:

Saving of data between sessions.

Saving of sort option for each detail window.

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