SCX II mod

The latest version of the SCX mod for Sub Command (5th May...

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SCX II mod

The latest version of the SCX mod for Sub Command (5th May 2003)



In your … Sub Command\Graphics … folder, you will find a batch file called ...

.. Install_Graphics.bat ..

Please Run, or double-click this file to install the supplied SCX II files to the necessary Sub Command files.

This may take a little while ... so please be patient.

2. Once Step 1 has been completed, please change to your ...

… Sub Command\Interfaces\AkulaII … folder.

Here you will find a batch file called .....

.. Install_Loadout.bat ..

Please Run, or double-click this file to install the supplied SCX II loadout bitmaps, to the Akula's Weapon Loadout screens.

Optional: There is a sound file that is associated with the Marker Buoys in the game. This file can be found in

the … Sub Command\Audio\SFX folder … and is called a_buoy.wav. The ambient sound effect was derived using a sound effect of Seagulls, mixed with the sound effect of an actual Marker Buoy. I have deliberately made this sound effect overly ‘bright’ … as it is meant to be listened to from the Sail on your Sub, and not treading water next to the buoy itself.

Using JSteed’s SCSoundEditor, this wav file than can be added to the main sfx.agg file.

Follow the instructions provided with SCSoundEditor, to ADD this file.

That's it ...

When SCX II was installed, it created a new folder called … SCX_Docs. Contained in this Folder you will find some html formatted documents. An SCX_IIh.htm document, which is essentially a readme, that will explain some of the new things in SCX II, … a Sonar Profiles.htm document, indicating all the Sonar Profiles etc., as now used in Sub Command, when using the SCX II Mod. Also contained in the SCX_Docs folder is a … Country_Platforms.htm document, which essentially lists, per Country, all the Platforms/Objects available, when using SCX II.

Should you have any problems, or questions … please post them in the Sub Command forum on I’ll shall endeavour to assist you, whenever possible.

We hope you enjoy SCX II …. and …. Have Fun!!!



SCX Project

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