Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault - Mod Developer's Kit v1.1

This is the Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault modification...

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault - Mod Developer's Kit v1.1

This is the Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault modification developer kit, the first version officially released by EA Games.

New features include for 1.1:

MDK Tools

- Support for collaborative development

Improved Lightmapping

- Better shadows, fewer artifacts

- Support for light mapped models (default lit lightmap materials)

MilkShape Plugins

- Animation support

- Import, Export, and Edit animations

- Lightmap texture coordinate generation

Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Mod Developer's Kit (MDK) Version 1.0

Make sure you have MDKSetup.msi, Setup.exe and Setup.ini all in

the same folder. To install the MDK, run Setup.exe and follow the

instructions. On the first page, the location of the installation

should be the same as where you installed the game. Keep the "Just me"

radio button selected.

If the MDK installer does not complete because the .Net

framework is not installed, you can get the .Net framework from

the following url:

Click on the "Download" button to get the file dotnetfx.exe, version 1.1.

Some machines may have problems with installing from mapped drives.

If the installer fails with the message "The installer was interrupted"

you can fix this by making sure the setup files are on the same

drive you want to install to.

Once the installation has completed, you can run the launcher application

from the desktop. From the lanucher, go to the "Documentation" tab and

click on the "User Guide" button. Please read the "Getting Started"

document to see how to use the MDK. To make sure the tools work

properly with each other, it is best to follow the recommended steps

for creating a mod as described in the Getting Started document.

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