CS Model Manager beta 1.1.0

This program is to manage your counter-strike models...

CS Model Manager beta 1.1.0

This program is to manage your counter-strike models.

CS Model Manager Beta V1.1.0


Select player or weapon in the drop-down list, type a name for the backup, and click backup. Backups are reinstalled under the install option.

Import player/weapon:

Importing models adds them to the CS Model Manager program so you can quickly install them into CS. The models you import will be copied to the appropiate folder in the sub folders of the CS model Manager folder, which means once a model is imported you can delete the original file /s. For example, if the model you import is at the location C:\windows\desktop\csmodels\gign.mdl it will be copied to C:\"cs model manager install location"\models\player\gign\"Name"\gign.mdl. You could then delete C:\windows\desktop\csmodels\gign.mdl.

Install player/weapon:

Installing models copies them to the appropiate folder/s in the cs folder. Select the type of model in the drop-down list, highlight the model you want to install and click install. For weapon models you will see check boxes, one for each type of mdl that each weapon uses, that let you select to install only the mdl files you want. If the specific mdl for the model you imported doesnt exist the appropiate box will be disabled and you wont be able to check it. Clicking "Install player/weapon backup" will let you reinstall any backups you have made. Backups are also listed under the normal install list for each type of weapon so you can install them individually.

Using the viewer:

left mouse - pan

right mouse - rotate

middle mouse - zoom

z key and left or right mouse - zoom

h key - help

p key - translations

space bar - next sequence

esc key - quit

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