SimWardrobe Tabctl32 Fix

The program will tell you which file is required...

SimWardrobe Tabctl32 Fix

The program will tell you which file is required. SimWardrobe

may require Tabctl32.ocx. Problems occur in some of simwardrobes programs.

If the program can't load TabCtl32.OCX then do the following:

1. Rename your current tabctl32.ocx. Make it tabctl32.old or something. You may want to restore it later.

2. Unzip the tabctl32.ocx that came with this file and copy it to \windows\system

3. Try the program again.

4. If it still doesn't work click on "Run..." on the Windows start menu.

5. Type "regsvr32 tabctl32.ocx" without the quotes and press enter. You should get a message box that says "DllRegisterServer in TabCtl32.OCX Suceeded."

Th program should work after this. If not, post a message in the support forum at:

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