BloodRayne PC Demo

BloodRayne is a supernatural hybrid of human female and...

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BloodRayne PC Demo

BloodRayne is a supernatural hybrid of human female and vampire who has been bred to eliminate global threats. The top threat is a group of proto-Nazis who are preparing to terrorize the world by unleashing horrific creatures.






















Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP

733 MHz Intel or AMD processor


2 GB hard disk space

200 MB virtual memory

4x speed CD-ROM

64MB GeForce2 or Radeon video card

Microsoft DirectX


Windows XP

Pentium 4 2.53GHz processor or AMD equivalent


2 GB hard disk space

200 MB virtual memory

24x speed CD-ROM

GeForce4 Ti 4600 video card

Sound Blaster Audigy sound card

Microsoft DirectX 8.1


Insert the BloodRayne CD. If Autorun is enabled, the installation program will start automatically. If the setup program does not automatically start once the disk is inserted, run X:\setup.exe, where "X" is the drive letter of your CD-ROM.

DirectX 8 or higher must be installed on your computer for BloodRayne to run properly (the game will not start without DirectX 8 installed). The latest version of DirectX can be found at


Note: Most of these keys are reprogrammable inside the game.


Move Forward W

Move Backward S

Strafe Left A

Strafe Right D



Turn Camera Left Left

Turn Camera Right Right

Pitch Camera Up Up

Pitch Camera Down Down


Blade Attack/Perform actions Left Mouse button/Numpad 0

Gun Attack/Throw Grenade Right Mouse button/Enter

Jump Space

Harpoon/Bite E

180° Turn Left Alt

Blood Rage Caps Lock

Scroll Weapons Back R

Scroll Weapons Forward F

Pause Game/Options Menu ESC


Normal Vision 1 / Numpad 1

Aura Sense 3 / Numpad 2

Extruded View 2 / Numpad 3

Dilated Perception 4 / Numpad 4


Note: To make the most out of playing with a gamepad, use twelve button pad with dual analog controls.


Move Analog Stick 1

Look Analog Stick 2


Blade Attack/Perform actions Button 7

Gun Attack/Throw Grenade Button 8

Jump Button 4

Harpoon/Bite Button 1

Quick Turn Button 5

Blood Rage Button 2

Weapon Mode Reverse Button 6

Weapon Mode Forward Button 3

Center View Button 10


Normal Vision D-pad Up

Aura Sense D-pad Left

Extruded View D-pad Right

Dilated Perception D-pad Down


Rayne can drink blood to regain health. Move Rayne close to her intended victim and press the E key. She can feed on enemies both standing and on the ground. When feeding while standing, Rayne can use the victim as a human shield by turning his body to interpose it between her and other enemies. If need be, Rayne can jump off her victim by pressing the Spacebar.


The harpoon is a lightweight-throwing knife affixed to a chain and attached to BloodRayne's left wrist. The harpoon chooses its target automatically using an auto-aim system similar to her guns.

Capture Enemy

If you hold the E key when the harpoon strikes an enemy, the enemy is pulled towards BloodRayne by the rapidly retracting chain. This is often helpful when used in conjunction with feeding.

Jump Strike

If you press the E key while in the middle of a jump, Rayne will strike the nearest enemy forcefully with the harpoon. This will knock enemies off balance, or even kill them. This is especially useful to prevent someone from shooting you.


When Rayne's Bloodlust meter is full, she can enter a berserker mode called Blood Rage by pressing Caps Lock. While in Blood Rage, she has better, stronger attacks that send limbs flying. Rayne's Bloodlust meter will tick down during Blood Rage, allowing you to track how much time you have left until she drops back to normal.


Aura Sense

Pressing the 3/Numpad 2 key activates Aura Sense and allows BloodRayne to "see" prey health and attitude. Auras of prey range from green to red. A red aura means your prey is either weak or unaware of your presence. More importantly, a red aura means someone is completely safe to feed on. A green aura means that your prey is healthy and aware of you, and therefore a risky meal. As your prey's heals declines, his aura will fade from green to red, giving Rayne a good idea of healthy her opponents are. This can be a real lifesaver when you need to "thin the herd".

Aura Sense is also useful for finding objectives. When she uses it, objectives will glow bright blue and shine through everything, including walls.

Dilated Perception

Rayne will learn how to process information so quickly that time appears to slow down. This is called Dilated Perception, and you can activate it by pressing 4/Numpad 4. This is especially useful when lots of bullets fill the air.

Extruded View

BloodRayne eventually gains the ability to see into the distance as though she is looking through binoculars. Extruded View also doubles as a first person look/sniper mode. You cannot move in this mode; you can only turn and look using mouselook. Use Forward and Backward keys to zoom the view in and out. Enable Extruded View with the 2/Numpad 3 buttons.


Rayne has a small compass that points her in the general direction of her objectives. While it is not as accurate or detailed as Aura Sense, it will give you a general idea of the direction you need to go. Also, the range on the compass is rather limited.


Do not wander aimlessly, use Aura Vision and your compass.

If Rayne runs out of ammo, head back and check out dead bodies for weapons she may have left behind.

Guns are fun, but nothing beats blades when Rayne is in a fight.

Rayne can often gain important clues as to what is going on around her by taking a few moments to "gain an earful".

If Rayne is low on life her #1 priority should be feeding, even if it takes her away from her objective. She cannot complete it if she is dead, now can she? On that note, it is a good idea to keep your health high whenever possible.

Use your blades to build up Blood Rage. In a tight spot, it can make the difference between dying, and living to suck another day. (And on a personal note: Blood Rage should be called Blood Lust)

Keep moving, it makes Rayne harder to hit, and less likely to be ambushed. This is especially true in a firefight.

If Rayne sees a box, she should open it. Sometimes they contain presents like grenades and rocket launchers.

Rayne likes things cozy. Especially when her enemies have a tendency to hit each other more than they hit her. So fight in areas where Rayne cannot be surrounded and her opponents have to line up (like hallways and doorways).

By double clicking the Jump button, Rayne flies into a spin kick with whirling blades. With a little practice in aiming, Rayne can use this attack for a powerful hit. Plus it looks cool.

Rayne's objectives change during the course of a level. She needs to frequently check to make sure she is heading the right way.

Rayne carries a wide variety of weapons, and can select light guns, heavy guns, or special. A good strategy is to stay with the lightest guns until Rayne faces a difficult opponent.

Sometimes trucks have mounted guns that Rayne can pick up and take with her. Big guns. Guns with attitude.

Extruded view is useful for more than just viewing dismembered body parts. If Rayne is in an elevated position with a good view of her enemies, she can use extruded view to place her bullets accurately, and pick off her opponents one at a time.

Rayne is frequently better off to use finesse, rather than brute force. This means she does not just charge through the game, blindly running around corners. She should use Aura and Extruded views to scout rooms and enemy positions.

Rayne has many foes. Often her foes are more interested in fighting each other than fighting Rayne. Sometimes it is fun to watch them soften each other up before Rayne takes them out.

Rayne cannot outrun bullets in Dilated Perception, but she can dodge them. This is useful for things like not being shot.

Rayne runs faster and can jump higher than a repeat offender on "Cops". This means she can quickly get out of trouble, if she needs to. Remember to think about leaping up, not just running away.

If you feel like you have explored everywhere possible, search for a crack in the wall. Break open that area to proceed.


Q: I have a video card with only 1MB of memory on it. I meet the system requirements otherwise. Can I play BloodRayne??

A: BloodRayne requires a video card with at least 32MB of memory on it. Sorry, you will need to upgrade your video card.

Q: BloodRayne seems really choppy and slow. I have a fairly low system and I was hoping to play...

A: In the Graphics Options Menu try turning your screen resolution down. The default is 640 X 480, but you will get faster frame rates at lower resolutions. Unfortunately, some video cards can have trouble with lower resolutions. If this happens to you, try varying your resolutions in the game to see which resolution gives you the best performance.

Q: I have a 3Dfx based card. Will BloodRayne use this card?

A: Sorry, but no.

Q: 1280x1024 mode runs slow.

A: This mode only runs fast enough on Geforce3 and Geforce4 cards.

Q: The game says that I have less than 200MB of Virtual Memory free. How do I fix this so that BloodRayne runs best?

A: Select Control Panel, then System, then Performance, then Virtual Memory. It is best to change this setting so that Windows manages virtual memory.

Q: Game gives an error message saying that you're out of memory.

A: You need more virtual memory. See previous Q&A for how to change your virtual memory settings.

Q: BloodRayne levels do not load as quickly as I would like.

A: Add more RAM to your computer. The more RAM that you have, within reasonable limits, the faster BloodRayne will load and run.

Q: The dialog skips, pops, or drops out. I have a SoundBlaster Live card. Your box says that it supports this card. What's up with that?

A: You have old LiveWare software and drivers. Visit the Creative Labs web site and download LiveWare 3.0 or higher.

Q: I don't have a SoundBlaster Live card, but I have dialog that skips, pops, or drops out. What about me?

A: You should download and install the latest drivers from your board manufacturer.

Q: Should I use DirectX 8 with BloodRayne?

A: Yes. DirectX8 or higher is required.

Q: I have set up my controls so that I use the keys on the number pad. I can't seem to get combinations of keys to work (i.e. run and jump at the same time). Why?

A: Because of the way the number pad works, it can't understand two keys on the number pad being pressed at the same time. You should reconfigure your controls so you will never need to press two keys on the number pad simultaneously (i.e. run and jump for a running jump).

Q: How do you Uninstall BloodRayne.

A: Go to control panel and select Add/Remove programs.

Q: Do you support Open GL?

A: We currently are working on support. It is functiomal in the demo but it needs tweaking. We will have full support for the final realease.

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