Call of Duty 2 - mp_africorps_final (Africorps vs Desertrats)

This is a medium sized multiplayer map for CoD2

  • Category First Person
  • Size 10.3 MB
  • Program by Echsenschnitter

Call of Duty 2 - mp_africorps_final (Africorps vs Desertrats)

This is a medium sized multiplayer map for CoD2. Supports all the game modes and has open spaces for snipers as well as gangways and rooms for close quarter battles.

README mp_africorps (FINAL) "Africorps vs. Desertrats"

Note: Should you already have a previous version of this map installed, be sure to remove it first, before playing this version !

1. Map info

2. Version info

3. Copyright warning

4. Contact information

5. Thanks to

6. Known bugs

7. Facts

-= 1st =-

"mp_africorps" is a medium sized multiplayer map.

This map currently supports the following game modes:

+ Deathmatch

+ Team Deathmatch

+ Search & Destroy

+ Capture the Flag

+ Headquarters

-= 2nd =-

Version Final

-Changed song due to german law forbidding use of the former one

-Made some changes to the indoor lighting, some textures and objects

-Fixed sound bug in Direct X 9 mode

-Fixed some tiny graphic bugs

Version 1.2

-Made various gameplay-related changes to the environment

-Updated grid file for better player model lighting

-Added a nice german song to the map ;)

Version 1.1

-Added support for Search & Destroy mode

-Changed environment at some places a bit

-Removed some of the bigger ugly looking shadows

-Added MG (30cal) to sniper tower (dm only), MG42 near tower in dm mode not available anymore (only tdm, hq & sd)

-Compressed the iwd file so that the size is now 10.0MB and not 28.8MB anymore

-Changed flag spawn points in ctf mode

-Fixed some graphic bugs

-= 3rd =-

You're not allowed to alter the map and/ or associated files in any way.

If you want to copy the map and give it to your friends without any charge - no problem, as long as it's ALL files including this "readme".

All original files remain property of the respective owners.

-= 4th =-


ICQ: 239 825 650

Xfire: Echsenschnitter

-= 5th =-

Thanks to the folks at for helping me with some stuff

and to the guys and girls at and

for testing the map (v1.0, v1.1).

-= 6th =-

Known bugs:

-Shadows with stair effects. Impossible to fix. This is an engine related problem.

-No bug, but i haven't added any portals to the map. To be honest, i don't get them to work.

That's why my map could run poorly on some machines, especially if there are many players in the map.

I'm sorry for that, but i'm a beginner with the Radiant Ed.

-= 7th =-


This is my first map made with the Radiant Ed and my first mp map ever.

Looks best in DirectX 9 mode :)

I hope you'll have some fun while playing the map. Cheers.

(Date: September 19.2006 Koenigswinter/ Germany)

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