Deus-Ex Multiplayer Patch (German)

This is the latest patch for multiplayer game play...

Deus-Ex Multiplayer Patch (German)

This is the latest patch for multiplayer game play. It will work for any previous version of the game and includes a slew of great fixes that you can read about in more info. Also if you grab this patch, there is no need to get the single player patch also since all of those fixes are included in this file.

This patch includes:

· Multiplayer support, including DeathMatch and Team DeathMatch

· 5 new multiplayer maps

· Built in search engine for multiplayer servers

· Single player and multiplayer bug fixes (see detailed fix list below)

List Of Fixes


• All locked doors in multiplayer should close properly now and will not get stuck open.

• Keypads and locked doors lock after 28 seconds instead of 30 seconds. This prevents people from looting the same cabinet twice for one pick attempt.

• Grenade placement animation works correctly now.

• Grenades can no longer be placed on selectable objects (computers, weapons on the weapon rack). This includes doors. This prevents players from hiding grenades behind computers, GEP guns, etc.

• At very low frame rates (for the server or single player), lockpicking and multitooling took longer than they should. This has been fixed.

• Pings now sort correctly on the join game screen.

• In multiplayer, when coming out of water, clients occasionally did not get their eye heights adjusted properly, and would appear (to themselves) to be crouched. This has been fixed.

• Elevator buttons should stay in better sync now.

• Next item/ Previous item commands (by default bound to the mousewheel) should work better in multiplayer.

• The inventory screen can no longer be activated at the end of a match.

• The multiplayer scoreboard only highlights your player in gold, even if other players have the same name.

• You can no longer exploit the regeneration augmentation by toggling it on and off very quickly (resulting in almost instant healing for almost no cost).

• Fixed a situation in which cloaked people were occasionally slightly visible just after coming into the room or around a corner.

• Fixed a bug in multiplayer in which you could turn two biocells, lockpicks, medkits, grenades, or multitools into a lot by clicking very quickly.

• Fixed a bug in singleplayer in which corpses occasionally became placeholder boxes (garish boxes bearing the legend "Do not place").

• Fixed a bug in which firing a rapid-fire weapon immediately after drawing it could get the weapon stuck in a bad state.

• Repair bots should no longer be accessible through closed repair bot bay doors in multiplayer.

• The listen client player will not bleed from the previous deathblow after respawn.

• In a Deathmatch Game, if there is a winning tie at all, the match will be called a draw.

• A certain class of cheats was available by using alternate root windows. The standard deathmatch and team deathmatch games now kick players who are using a different root window, and support has been added for mod teams to insist on their own windows.

• Text files can now be read in from packages other than deusextext.u. This affects class Computers (emails/bulletins) and class Information Devices(datacubes, books, etc). A new property "TextPackage" specifies the package from which the text comes.

• Targeting augmentation now displays hit location at which you are aiming (head/torso/leg).

• Throwing knife does 17 base damage instead of 25.

• Plasma does 8 base damage instead of 12.

• Energy shield blocks 50 per cent of damage instead of 80 per cent. Drains 25 energy per minute instead of 40.

• You can now chat while dead, while at the end of a match, or while logged into a computer.

• Checkboxes on the join game screen are now slightly more user friendly. Turning off one of team/non-team also turns off the "show-all" checkbox.

• A GEP gun no longer maintains its lock while reloading. You must get a fresh lock for every shot.

• Leg damage no longer slows you down (unless you completely lose them).

• In team games, you should be less likely to spawn into battles between teammates and enemies.

• Added functionality so that administrators can more easily kick the players that they intend to kick. (See MP Administration doc)

• Singleplayer mods are now able to use classes other than JCDenton for the player character. Override the ApproveClass function in Deus Ex.Deus ExGameInfo.

• Multiplayer mods can now add new gametypes in configs, as well as new classes and teams. To add new teams, you will need to override the ApproveTeam function in Deus Ex.TeamDMGame. New classes and teams will also require new portraits.

• It is now easier to have new gametypes in packages other than Deus Ex.u.

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