Left 4 Dead - Cold Case Campaign Map

Cold Case pits the survivors in yet another scenario...

Left 4 Dead - Cold Case Campaign Map

Cold Case pits the survivors in yet another scenario. Their ride to safety has mysteriously crash landed on a remote island somewhere in the north western United States. After hours of waiting, they decide they are the only four survivors from the terrible crash, and they need to find help. However, quickly they realize there is something terribly wrong with this place. The survivors must traverse a large and expansive island. Their goal? To meet up with fellow survivors and get to the only known safe zone; a small military base located on the opposite shore of the island. Only there can they finally find the salvation they desperately are searching for…. or will they?

Cold Case has two campaigns with a main campaign and Covert Operations and versus only maps.

Dynamically evolving zombies

The infection is unstable and reactive. The zombies progressively become faster, tougher, and more aware of their surroundings through the campaign. Boss zombies also become more frequent.


Expect to spend your time hunting for the upgrade tables. By doing so you can upgrade different things about yourself. Between accuracy, speed, and revival amounts you will need them to survive.


Expect a rich and detailed storyline featuring numerous recordings by voice actors, (and myself).


36 maps in total!

6 full map campaign featuring hours of gameplay

10 survival maps with dynamically changing atmospheres. Hold some points while wave's of infected tear it down, while others force you to run for your life to get to better positions.

2 separate 5 map versus campaigns. Cold Case: Covert Operations, and Cold Case: The Forsaken Each feature their own cooperative and versus maps!

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