Crysis - Natural Mod 2.0.2

The objective of this mod is to transform the ambient...

Crysis - Natural Mod 2.0.2

The objective of this mod is to transform the ambient atmospheric lighting to make Crysis much more realistic. Basically make Crysis look better for NO framerate cost.

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What does the Natural Mod add to Crysis?

* realistic atmospheric lighting

* realistic dusk and dawn

* realistic ambient fog

* realistic sun

* realistic night

* realistic moon position

Modified singleplayer levels

* Island - Contact

* Village - Recovery

* Rescue - Relic

* Harbor - Assault

* Tank - Onslaught

* Mine - Awakening

* Sphere - Exodus

* Ascension - Ascension


* Launch the installer and follow the instructions

* Launch the game

Remark n°1: The installer copies a file "System.cfg" at the root of your Crysis directory

Remark n°1: If you already have a "System.cfg", it will be renamed as "System_backup.cfg"

The provided "System.cfg" removes HDR glitches and enables all necessary effects to fully enjoy the Natural Mod. However, low-end systems may encounter performance drop with these settings, because it activates certain very high effects. If the framerate of the game is too low, open the "System.cfg" with the Windows Notepad and follow the instruction of the last section "Framerate Optimizations".

If you launch a level by using an old savegame, the position of the moon will be the default one (unrealistic). To avoid this, begin a new game or use the provided savegames in "Start menu\Programs\Natural Mod\Savegames". Furthermore, you can launch the desired level by using the console command "map level_name".

The installer automatically backs up the modified files and will restore them in case of uninstallation


* Uninstall the Natural Mod with the menu "Add or Remove Programs" in the Control Panel


Version 2.0.2

* NEW: lite installer

Version 2.0.1

* FIX: night script

Version 2.0

* better night

* better moon

* better dawn and dusk

* less bright sky during the day

* darker shadows and inside (new System.cfg)

* NEW: realistic moon position

* NEW: grain and low saturation during the night

* NEW: loading screens

* FIX: clouds slightly orange before dawn on Island map

* FIX: ambient fog slightly violet

Version 1.2

* new Windows installer

* less ambient fog

* better sun color at dawn and dusk

* better horizon color at dawn and dusk

* FIX: less opaque light halos at night

Version 1.1

* more light

* better shadows

* improved night light

* less ambient fog

* FIX: saturation too low when colorgrading was activated

* FIX: ambient occlusion rate too high in the morning and evening

* FIX: dawn and dusk too long

Beta 2 - Version 1.0

* better dawn and dusk

* less milky morning

Beta 1

* realistic atmospheric lighting

* realistic dawn and dusk

* realistic fog

* realistic sun

* darker night

* concordance with the ingame hour

Credits and thanks

Thanks to bumpelwumpel for his core installation script.

pydon, February 2008

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