• Category Non-Gaming
  • Size 3.4 MB
  • Program by ACZ Productions

PEST - Soccer Stats Tracker

This is a utility to keep track of soccer stats. Great for running online leagues.

PEST is a stats tracker for all types of football matches. Originally designed to maintain a league for Console football games, it has been expanded to be able keep track of any football leagues with its extensive database.

What's more fun than a bunch of guys gathered around the TV with a PS2 or XBOX (or the PC), with 2 guys going head-to-head, then one uses the striker to round the keeper? PEST allows you to keeps track of who your top scorers are and how many he has scored against your rival foes.


* Quick match entries - keep track of matches and details

* Player transfers, international call-ups

* Extensive statistics for leagues, managers, players, and teams (National, Club, Custom)

* Create custom teams with all available players (Honor teams such as Euro Allstar, Team of the Year, etc.)

* Run different leagues with different rule settings

* Customizable league rules and settings



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