Call of Duty 4 - Server Manager

Manager a COD 4 server...

Call of Duty 4 - Server Manager

Manager a COD 4 server. Many features from getting server status and server info to kicking and banning, and turning off and on perks, setting map rotations and game types and much more. Must have RCON password to run.

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Top 3 Call of Duty 4 - Server Manager Alternatives

Call of Duty 4 - UltraStats v0.3.13

This is a maintenance release containing some new features...

Call of Duty 4 - MobiRCON v1.0

MobiRCON is a fully blown status and rcon script for Call Of...

Call Of Duty 4 - SLUT (Server Listing Update Tool)

View your favourite COD4 servers without loading the game...

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