Super Street Fighter II Turbo - English/French CD version 1.5 patch

This is the final patch released by Eurocom that fixes many...

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Super Street Fighter II Turbo - English/French CD version 1.5 patch

This is the final patch released by Eurocom that fixes many issues

in the European CD version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo published by Gametek.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo - Version 1.5 Patch


25 May 1995


The patch can only be applied to the original install of Super Street Fighter

II Turbo. If you have already applied a patch, you will need to reinstall

before using this patch.

When reinstalling, to retain your high scores, copy the file 'SF2HISCR.DAT' to

a safe place before installing. After install is complete, copy it back to the

Super Street Fighter II Turbo directory to restore your high scores.

To apply the patch please change to your A: drive, and with the patch disk

in the drive type `INSTALL` and press Return. Then follow the on

screen prompts remembering to setup your sound card at the end of the


Remember to read the 'README.NOW' file after installing the patch.

The patch fixes a number of gameplay problems that came to light after release.

Also support for more sound cards and enhancements to the setup programs are

provided. All changes are detailed below.

Listed below are the major changes that the patch will make to Super Street

Fighter II Turbo.



1. Added a joypad configuration system.

Previously the Punch/Kick assignments for joypads were restricted to the

defaults. The buttons are now configurable by changing the PAD.CFG file

Edit this file in a text editor to reconfigure the buttons for your 4 or

6 button joypad. Full instructions can be found in the PAD.CFG file.

2. Added support for more sound cards. Super Street Fighter II Turbo now

supports a wider range of sound cards.

3. Introduced a setup program to setup and test your sound card before starting

the game.

4. Added Command line options to turn off Sound effects and Music.

NOSFX - Run Super Street Fighter II Turbo without Sound Effects

NOMUSIC - Run Super Street Fighter II Turbo without Music

NOSOUND - Run Super Street Fighter II Turbo without Sound Effects or Music


at the command prompt where option is one of the

above options.

5. CD Version Only:

Added option for MIDI music instead of CD Audio.

This is selected with the option MIDI at the command prompt.


Certain CD ROMs may experience slowdown when accessing the CD during

fights. To cure this try the following command line options

NOCDSTATUS - Turns off CD status checking

NOCDINST - Turns off the CD driver mixer control

Please note that NOCDINST may result in no music at all being heard, but

the CD still being accessed. In this case you must manually set the mixer

for your sound card before starting the game. This is done with one of the

utilities provided with your sound card. Alternatively, starting Windows

and then returning to DOS will set the usually mixer.

6. MT-32 MIDI is now supported by Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

Bug fixes and major changes


1. Blocking Bug - Players were unable to block a fireball when getting up after

a knock down, this has now also been fixed for the computer players.

2. Using the super (Super Street Fighter II not Super Street Fighter II Turbo)

version of FeiLong the Rising Dragon Kick was incorrect.

3. Using the super version of Vega, the Barcelona Attack did not complete


4. Using the super version of Zangief, the spinning pile driver was impossible

to do.

5. Feilong air catch caused the opponent to freeze.

6. Holding down a button when doing a hold move, i.e. Kens leg kick, or

Blanka's face bite, would speed up the move.

7. Lose screen speedup has been modified.

8. Computer players sit block has been fixed, this should prevent players from

repeatedly slicing the opponents legs, see also 1.

9. Chunlis's air throw was incorrect the opponent was thrown the wrong way,

this has been fixed.

10. Akumas hurrican kick/dragon punch have been changed.

11. Dizzy counter is now reset at start of round.

12. More of Akuma's sound effects have been added.

13. Combo Score's have been improved, 1 hit Super Combo Finish now scores 10000 points,

also combo finish scores are doubled.

14. Zangief spinning pile driver timeout was disabled, this has been fixed.

15. In Spain the fence only falls at the start of the first round.

16. Hitting a jumping opponent with a standing normal attack will cause the

jumping opponent to fall completely down, this has now been fixed the

opponent will now fall part of the way before recovering and landing on

their feet.

17. Computer attacks do more damage than human players, the human players have

been changed so that they do more damage, the computer players will still do

more damage as the difficulty setting increases, and as the game progresses.

The lower difficulty settings will therefore be easier. The arcade machine

has 8 difficulty settings, the last eight difficulty settings in the PC

version should correspond to these difficulty settings.

18. Its possible for fireballs to go through sometimes, player 2's fireball

collision was being disabled by player1's fireball this has now been fixed.

19. After you knock down the computer, you can trip it forever until it dies.

There was a problem with the trip animation, which is also used by RYU's

juggling punch, this may also be tied in with 1 and 6.

20. Combo's trigged by the computer are not supposed to be announced, this has

now been fixed.

21. RYU did his super move at the start of the 2nd round, the computer players

were initiating the super move at the very end of the previous round, which

causes this bug to occur, this may now be fixed.

22. Two players picking same colour for Ryu will cause the game to crash, fixed.

23. AKUMA teleport was being activated incorrectly, this has been changed

Akuma's teleport move is now activated by pressing Fierce+Strong or

Hard Kick+Medium Kick.

24. Fixed DOS time speedup when the game is quit.

25. Fixed slowdown on Gravis Midi Music.

26. Fixed Chun Li sticking to characters in air catches.

27. Fixed missing moves in Super Zangief.

28. Fixed missing moves in Super T.Hawk.

29. Added missing level sound effects.

30. Fixed Super Blanka roll sound effect.

31. Fixed Super DeeJay leg throw.

32. Fixed Super Ken fireball sound effect.

33. Fixed DeeJay's hyperfists.

34. T Hawks blue shadow's during the super were turning off early

this has been fixed.

35. Super Ken roundhouse had an offset problem.

36. Dizzy's sometimes don't have the 3 stars or birds e.t.c. this

should now be fixed.

37. End sequences which involve other characters, i.e. Ken, Feilong

sometimes don't happen, this should now be fixed.

38. Characters rapidly switching between crouch,block frames this may

have been an effect of 1.

39. CPU characters sometimes get stuck in a move, i.e. Blanka does

his electricity until he is hit, the AI code has been re-checked

and this should not now happen.

40. There is a problem with the way the PC reads the keyboard, this

seems to vary a lot between PC/keyboards. Keyboards can't respond

to certain combinations of keys. For example on my keyboard if I

hold down (W),(A) and (S) the keyboard dosn't register any key

press on the same row as (W) and (A). All I can suggest is that

you try redefining the keys as best suits your PC.

41. Joysticks calibration is now saved in the configuration file, so that

it should only need to be done once. Note some joysticks have trim settings

which easily change and therefore you will need to re-calibrate the


42. Added support for MT-32 ( its a sound chip ! ).

43. The CD Music drivers have been modified which should fix a slow

down problem, with some makes of CD rom drive.

44. Fixed keyboard problems.

45. Fixed Sony CD ROM drive lock up. Use SSF2T NOCDSTATUS if you have this


46. Fixed GUS problems in the new setup program.

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