Unreal Tournament Bonus Pack

This bonus pack from Epic contains eleven new levels and...

Unreal Tournament Bonus Pack

This bonus pack from Epic contains eleven new levels and three new character skins. There is also a new "Relics" system which adds various new power-ups to the game. The new skins are Skaarj Hybrid, Nali, and the Nali WarCow. New levels are DM-Agony, DM-Cybrosis][, DM-ArcaneTemple, DM-Malevolence, DM-Shrapnel][, DM-HealPod][, DM-Mojo][, CTF-Cybrosis][, CTF-Hydro16, CTF-Noxion16, and CTF-Darji16.

README for the UT Bonus Pack:

Thanks for acquiring the Unreal Tournament Bonus Pack. This pack is our way of saying "Thank you!" to the gamers out there who have supported Epic. This pack should be compatible with previous versions of Unreal Tournament as well as all future versions. However, we strongly suggest for maximum performance and bug-free gameplay you download the latest patch at . Note: we have not tested Macintosh compatibililty yet.

If you find any bugs, please email them as well as your UnrealTournament.log file (from your UT/system directory) and system details to: [email protected]

Feel free to distribute this pack online as well as on magazine cover disks.

It is illegal to charge users for this content.

New Characters

These models are available to play as under "Player Setup." You can configure your bots to use these meshes as well by clicking the "Configure" button under the "Bot" tab when you start a Practice Session.

Skaarj Hybrid - The N.E.G. has long recognized the superiority of the Skaarj warrior as a military fighting machine, as was made clear in the brutal Human-Skaarj wars. The Skaarj Hybrid is the result of secret military genetic research using both human and Skaarj DNA performed after the capture of a Skaarj scout ship. If proven in Tournament battle, the Hybrids shall become a leading force in ground based ops.

Nali - The Nali race has been long enslaved and dominated by the Skaarj. A newly formed Nali faction has repented their pacifist ways and has rebelled against the Skaarj, and they’re ready to prove their combat skills in the Tournament.

Nali WarCow - When the militant Nali were driven from their homeworld they brought the only domesticated beast they knew of- their local livestock. By using Pavlovian techniques and heavy cerebral modification they are training their cattle to fight instead of graze.

New Levels

Maps with a "16" in their name are intended for 16 players minimum.

DM-Agony - Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger has assembled a cool FFA map in the style of Codex, but not as cramped. The Shock Rifle is very dangerous on this map as many of the floors are long and flat and combo moves are easy to do. This map plays well with 6-10 players.

DM-Cybrosis][ - Alan Willard converted his Fusion map to UT and enhanced it considerably. Beware of the new electric trap near the Damage Amplifier! This map plays well with 10-16 players.

DM-ArcaneTemple - Shane Caudle works his ancient temple magic once more. This lovely map plays well with 6-12 players.

DM-Malevolence - Rich "Akuma" Eastwood made this fantastic Tourney (1 on 1) map. This map will play okay with 6-8 players but is really meant for one on one play.

DM-Shrapnel][ - This map was originally released in a free Unreal1 map pack by Epic called "Fusion." Cliff Bleszinski has greatly ripped it apart and reworked it so that it is less cramped and plays far better. This map plays well with many players, from 10 to 16.

DM-HealPod][ - Healpod originally shipped with Unreal1. The premise behind the level is that there is no health in it, instead, there is a "pod" in the center of the level that will restore 15 health every second. Now, the level has buttons strategically placed throughout it where players can touch them and cause a masher to deploy which will squish all who are in the pod at the time. This map plays well with 8-12 players.

DM-Mojo][ - Mojo is a hardcore twisty castle corridor deathmatch map by Cliff Bleszinski. It is meant for 6-12 players.

CTF-Cybrosis][ - Alan Willard's Capture the Flag conversion of DM-Cybrosis][.

CTF-Hydro16 - Clawfist has built a top notch "two bases" industrial style Capture the Flag map. Like all of the other Capture the Flag maps in the Bonus Pack plays this map really needs 16 players or more to shine.

CTF-Noxion16 - Another great dueling base Capture the Flag map courtesy of Clawfist. Needs 16 players for optimal action.

CTF-Darji16 - Alan Willard started building this map one day and it grew into the impressive behmoth that is Darji Fortress. This map is meant for 16 players and is quite a challenge to capture the flag in.


Relics are added into an Unreal Tournament game like mutators are. You can add as many or as few as your heart desires. They each spawn over a random pathnode and move around the map if nobody picks them up after a short interval. They can be used with any gametype that Unreal Tournament supports!

You can only carry one relic at a time.

If you bind a key like this at the console (press `, or "tilde" to access the console):

E=mutate TossRelic

You can then press that key to drop your current relic. Be sure to type that exactly, as it is case sensitive.

(Or, you can open your USER.INI file and add it in yourself.)

There are six relics.

Relic of Strength - This relic is shaped like an axe. When you carry this any damage you do will be multiplied by 2, and when you shoot you'll have a purple shell encase your mesh for a split second to let others know that you're powered up with this relic.

Relic of Regeneration - Shaped like a cross. When you carry this you'll gain 10 health every 2 seconds up to 150. In my opinion, this is the weakest of the Relics.

Relic of Defense - This relic is shaped like a helmet. It reduces all damage by half, after armor. You'll be tough to take down while carrying this relic. When you're hit while carrying this relic you will be encased in a green shell briefly to let the attacker know you've got upgraded defenses.

Relic of Speed - Shaped like a hourglass. Increases GroundSpeed, WaterSpeed, AirSpeed, and Acceleration by 30%. Sets AirControl to 0.65.

Relic of Redemption - This relic is shaped like a spiked disc, ala "chaos." If you take fatal damage while carrying this you will be randomly moved somewhere in the level, your health will be restored and you will still have your inventory. Its like a second chance.

Relic of Vengeance - Shaped like a grinning skull. If you die while carrying this a large skull will appear above your corpse. After 1.5 seconds it will explode annihilating anyone in the area.

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