Dark Reign 2 patch v1.2

This will bring your Dark Reign 2 up to version 1.2...

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Dark Reign 2 patch v1.2

This will bring your Dark Reign 2 up to version 1.2. See more info for details on new features.

Dark Reign 2, 1.2 patch

This document contains a list of bug fixes for Dark Reign 2.

### This patch requires the v1.1 patch to have already been installed ###


Dark Reign 2 v1.2 Patch Size: 1 MB


Installation Instructions:

To upgrade your version of Dark Reign 2, simply download dr2_1_2.exe (1 mb) and double-click it. Click on Setup. Then click on “Install The Patch” to continue the installation.

Under "Location of system to patch" it will normally update Dark Reign 2's installation in the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Dark Reign 2.

If you have not changed your installation directory, then click Apply Patch. If you have a custom installation directory for Dark Reign 2 then select "..." to browse to your installation folder if the current directory is incorrect. After you have selected your appropriate installation folder for Dark Reign 2 then click Apply Patch.

After the installation is complete you can then launch Dark Reign 2 and take advantage of the updated functionality.


The update will work for all Microsoft Windows 95/98 CD-ROM versions of Dark Reign 2 that have already already been patched with the v1.1 patch. It will not upgrade Dark Reign 2 from the release version 1.0 to version 1.2.


Minimum System Requirements:

Windows® 95 or Windows® 98

Pentium® II 233 Mhz processor

64 MB of RAM

Requires 550 MB of uncompressed disk space for game files, plus an additional 100 MB for the Windows swap file

100% DirectX® 7.0a compliant 4MB 2D Card (or 2D capable 3D card*) and Drivers

100% DirectX 7.0a compliant 3D Card and Drivers **

100% DirectX 7.0a compliant true 16-bit sound card and Drivers

100% Windows 95/98 compatible Quad speed CD-ROM drive (600k/sec sustained transfer rate) and Drivers

100% Windows 95/98 compatible mouse or trackball and Drivers

100% Windows 95/98 compatible keyboard

Requires DirectX 7.0a (included) or higher

Requires Winsock 2

Multiplayer Minimum System Requirements:

Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP) play supported

Internet play requires a 100% Windows 95/98 compatible 28.8 Kbps (or faster) modem and Drivers

LAN play (and high-speed Internet play over DSL and cable modems) requires a 100% Windows 95/98 compatible network interface card and Drivers

Supported Chipsets for Windows 95/98***

3DFx Banshee

3DFx Voodoo 2

3DFx Voodoo 3

ATI Rage 128

Matrox G200

Matrox G400




NVIDIA GeForce 2

* Some 3D cards do not have refined 2D capabilities. Your 3D card may meet this requirement without the need for additional hardware. Please contact your 3D card manufacturer for further information on your card's capabilities.

** 3D Accelerator Card Required - A 100% DirectX 7.0a (or higher) compliant 3D video card and driver with z-buffering capability is Required to play Dark Reign 2. Dark Reign 2 uses Microsoft's Direct3D to support 3D hardware acceleration. It has been tested on many, but not all of the major cards incorporating the chipsets whose names are listed above. Some 3D accelerator card brands utilizing the chipsets whose names are listed above may not be fully compatible with the 3D acceleration features utilized by Dark Reign 2. For a full list of cards and drivers that have been tested, please visit

*** Some, but not all of the cards with the chipsets above have been tested on Windows 2000. For Windows 2000 3D Support, please refer to your hardware manufacturer for 100% DirectX 7.0a (Direct 3D) compliant Windows 2000 Drivers.


Bug Fixes:

1. Fixes problem with 6 or more players trying to startup a multiplayer game and the game disappearing from the list after the 5th player has joined the game, if map was chosen before all players entered game.

2. Fixes problem with 8 or more players being able to start a multiplayer game.


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