Half-Life 2 - Eternal Silence Client v3.0

Play the latest version of Eternal Silence, the multiplayer...

  • Category First Person
  • Size 511 MB
  • Program by Crankshaft Games

Half-Life 2 - Eternal Silence Client v3.0

Play the latest version of Eternal Silence, the multiplayer space mod for the Source Engine. Fight in large, cinematic battles split up into specific phases in the third version of this high flying mod. Bomb enemy corvettes, escort a boarding party and hack your way into enemy subsystems.

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Eternal Silence is a Cinematic Multiplayer Space Mod built on the Source Engine. It has been in development since 2003.

A massive deep space artifact from long-gone Earth was found and spawned a renaissance on the human colonies of the United Terran Forces. A gigantic assault from the UTF on the now independent colonies spawned the Neo Galactic Militia and started a deep space war the likes of which the world has never seen. Your role in Eternal Silence will be within vital strategic battles between massive capital warships. You will need your wits, your precision, your strength, your endurance, and above all your courage to take on the fierce challenges which await you.

Eternal Silence features the following:

- Cinematic Battles between Capital Ships on battlefields as large as 32768 cubic kilometers

- Choose between ataining victory on foot by capturing the enemy's subsystems, or be a pilot and bomb vital systems from space.

- Fast and Furious dogfights between Fighters and other Tactical Craft in deep space. Escort you gunships to deliver a squad of marines to the enemy hangar.

- A True Space Experience. Cut your ship's engines and drift in the frictionless void of space.

- Action-Packed ground battles. Seize decks of your enemy’s ship, controlling or disabling their shields, weapons... Fight off the enemy and work as a team, fulfilling the role of one of many classes with an array of unique weapons at your disposal.

- Achieve Victory by destroying the enemy capital ship inside and out.

- A Complete Story behind the Eternal Silence universe, released chapter by chapter as a novella is available online

- Will you uphold the Valor, Pride, and Regulations of the United Terran Forces, or stake your own claim in the universe alongside the brothers of the Neo Galactic Militia. The decision is yours, what will be the outcome?

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