RIP 3: The Last Hero Demo

Impressive graphics, original plot and unforgettable...

RIP 3: The Last Hero Demo

Impressive graphics, original plot and unforgettable gameplay set RIP 3: The Last Hero among the best arcade shooters ever. The story goes that in the middle of the 22d century the Earth was conquered by the evil Dictator, whose power rested on countless cyborgs and terrific witchcraft abilities.

Soon after invasion the scientists discovered a portal to the Sorcery World. The magic power attracted the new Dictator, but the first attempt to seize it failed. Still, his experiments are blurring the boundaries between the worlds of dead and living. Not to let the last border be broken, destroying both worlds, three mortals from the Earth rebellion forces and three immortals from the Sorcery World have volunteered for the unannounced war. One of them must stop the Dictator and lock the World Gates forever.

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