Freedom Force Vs. The 3rd Reich Mod Tools

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Freedom Force Vs. The 3rd Reich Mod Tools

This is the beta version of mod tools for Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich. This contains character tools, art tools, documentation and more!

Freedom Force(R) vs the 3rd Reich Tools

ReadMe v1.0

Copyright © 2005 Irrational Games.

Freedom Force and the Freedom Force logo and related characters, names, and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks or registered trademarks of Irrational Games unless otherwise noted. All Rights Reserved.


Welcome to the Freedom Force vs the 3rd Reich Tools! This tool set includes a number of components:

1. Character Tool 2: a complete solution for viewing, managing and sharing character data including meshes, skins, animations and hero files.

2. Mod Tools: a set of tools for making game modifications including FFEdit, used for mission and data editing and complete scripting documentation.

3. Art Tools: a set of tools for making art content for the game. Includes exporters for 3D Studio Max to game format, a viewer for game NIF files and complete documentation.

These tools are released "as is" and no representation is made about their fitness for any purpose, nor does Irrational Games agree to provide any support for them. To discuss the tools with other people in the community, please post or read the forums at

IMPORTANT NOTE: We encourage you to use these tools to create new material for your enjoyment and that of others. However, you should not use these tools in a way that violates or infringes on copyrighted material. If in doubt, do not create or distribute material that might do so. Here are some simple guidelines that will help ensure you stay on the right side of the law when mod-ing:


- Use and redistribute the art assets from Freedom Force vs the 3rd Reich with your mod (but not for other games)!

- Use the Freedom Force vs the 3rd Reich logo on your fansite (be sure to include this disclaimer: "Irrational Games(TM) and Freedom Force(R) are trademarks of Irrational Games and/or its affiliates ("Irrational"). Freedom Force vs the Third Reich is the copyrighted property of Irrational"),

- Use the Irrational trademarks in a descriptive manner or to describe compatibility with programs or applications. For example, you can explain that your mod is for use the Freedom Force vs the 3rd Reich game (i.e. use phrases like "for use with", "compatible with", etc.).

- Make mods and fan sites for Freedom Force vs the 3rd Reich!


- Use others' copyrighted material in your mod (e.g. textures or models from other games or characters from other genres like comics).

- Use Freedom Force vs the 3rd Reich assets in other games (or mods for other games).

- Sell or otherwise commercially exploit your Freedom Force vs the 3rd Reich mod without express permission from Irrational!

- Use Irrational's trademarks and logos in the name of your product, services, corporate name, domain name or imply that your product is produced, endorsed or supported by Irrational unless expressly authorized by Irrational (e.g. a publisher putting Irrational's logo on a game box).

We hope you enjoy the Freedom Force vs the 3rd Reich Tools release!


1. Character Tool 2

The Character Tool 2 is a program which organizes all character data, including any custom characters you may have downloaded for the game. It includes an import and export function that allows you to save out and read "bundles" containing character data. These are a convenient way of exchanging custom character data with other users.

You can run the Character Tool 2 from the start menu or by double clicking the charactertool2.exe in the main game install folder.


2. Mod Tools

The mod tools is designed to facilitate creation of game mods. These mods can be distributed to other users for non-commercial purposes. See the End User Licence Agreement below for full details.

The mod tools consist of:

a. FFEdit - allows editing of game data and missions.

b. Documentation including how to change game data and mission scripts. This includes a tutorial on creating your own mod.

c. A "test mod" to be used an example


3. Art Tools

The art tools are intended to facilitate creation of new characters, animations and other game art data. To make use of these, you will need 3D Studio Max.

The art tools consist of:

a. Plus-ins for 3D Studio that allow you to export to .NIF format.

b. Documentation explaining how to set up characters, animations, effects and other game objects.

c. A NIF viewer which allows you to view the structure of exported .NIF files.