Original War v 1.10b Patch

This is the laest patch for Original War and it will update...

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  • Program by owsupport

Original War v 1.10b Patch

This is the laest patch for Original War and it will update your game to 1.10b.

Added: AVI Support

Added: SAIL commands: MinimapVideo_Play, MinimapVideo_Stop and MinimapVideo_isActive

Added: Hamachi games are now listed on the Master Server

Added: Ability to not list your game on the Master Server (For Private Games using NOLISTING)

Added: EnableFPSCounter parameter

Added: Option to enable/disable VSync (only effects fullscreen, is disabled by default)

Added: Ability to create trampled grass in the OW Editor

Added: Re-enabled the Create Backup menu option in the OW Editor

Added: Spectator ability to Babylon, Bastard Pass, Bloody Valley and Flags

Added: Dedicated Server application (Beta)

Added: Import\Export multiplayer avatar option to XichtEd

Added: Russian Support added (thanks to vvlad)

Added: Multiplayer rooms can now have passwords when created ingame

Added: Master Sever game list added to inroom game browser

Added: Icons to game lists to show passworded, dedicated and ping

Added: BMP screenshots created with F12

Added: More and better Italian(Hokram), Polish(Gothuk, Radzio, Serpher and Zone) and Spanish(Gwren1) translations

Added: IRC multiplayer lobby

Added: Games now show if they are running a mod in the server list as well as if the user has the mod installed

Bug Fix: Mods multiplayer area nolonger causes an access violation

Bug Fix: Crate stacking fixed

Bug Fix: Editor now removes grass correctly

Bug Fix: Spectators nolonger count as a player when working out if a game can launch

Bug Fix: Russian question nolonger asked when running a mod and choosing the russian campaign

Bug Fix: Fixed a division by zero error

Bug Fix: Misc launcher bugs

Bug Fix: Unit experience, sources and breastworks in Bastard Pass have been fixed (By Radzio)

Bug Fix: Artifacts will now spawn in Free for all mode of Babylon (By Radzio)

Bug Fix: Artifacts will now work (Broken in earlyer patch)

Bug Fix: MasterServer thread nolonger crashes

Bug Fix: Multiplayer messages are now displayed in the message log

Bug Fix: Message log was wrongly displaying what choice a user picked in a query

Bug Fix: Apes spawning fixed on Babylon (By Radzio)

Bug Fix: Server list nolonger clears its self

Changed: Increased ProtocolVersion. Incompatible with previous versions online

Changed: Spectators nolonger join teams or have the ability to select colour, position, etc

Changed: Spectators see all multiplayer chat and send to all players (Diplomacy settings don't effect spectators)

Changed: Base langauge is now controled via the owar.ini

Changed: Editor now scans for avalible galleries (gallerys.txt is now obsolite)

Changed: Flags now has a minimum of 9 starting units and a maximum of 24 (by Argoneus)

Changed: ErrorLogs are now stored in Error_Logs folder in your Original War directory

Removed: "Low Res" version removed due to increased bugs

Removed: Apemen listbox removed in Bastard Pass as it never effected the map (By Radzio)

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