Daytona USA Deluxe - Direct3D patch

Adds Direct3D support to the retail Windows version of...

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  • Program by SEGA

Daytona USA Deluxe - Direct3D patch

Adds Direct3D support to the retail Windows version of Daytona USA Deluxe.

Daytona USA Deluxe - Direct 3D Patch FAQ

Congratulations on downloading the Daytona USA Deluxe Direct

3D Patch! You must have the full version of Daytona USA

Deluxe to use this patch. You must also have Direct X5

installed to run Daytona USA Deluxe.

If you experience video problems or the game will not run,

make sure you have the latest drivers from your video card

manufacturer's web site. If this does not help, uninstall

Daytona USA Deluxe, and then reinstall Daytona USA Deluxe

(the Software Direct Draw Version) from the retail CD.

This patch has been tested and certified on the

following 3D Chipsets:

nVidia Riva 128,

Real 3D 740 AGP,

Rendition Verite 2200,

3DFX Voodoo,

3D Labs Permedia 2.

This patch may work on other 3D Chipsets, but these are

currently the main chipsets that the Direct 3D patch has

been tested and verified to work properly.

There is a minor driver issue with the ATI Rage Pro AGP, but the

game will run with a minor graphic glitch. An updated video

driver may fix this problem.

If you have any other questions or comments, please email

"[email protected]". If you have technical problems, please

include the following information:

CPU type and Speed

Video card brand and model

Sound card brand and model

Amount of memory (RAM)

Version of Operating System

Thank you,

Your friends at SEGA Entertainment

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