Zuma Deluxe - Homer Patch Mod

Homer Patch Mod for Zuma Deluxe...

  • Category Puzzle
  • Size 712.1 KB
  • Program by aerDNA

Zuma Deluxe - Homer Patch Mod

Homer Patch Mod for Zuma Deluxe. Replaces the standard frog with Homer Simpson. Basically, it turns the frog into Homer Simpson. It will replace all occurences of the frog character with Homer and make a few other visual changes. Besides images, it will also 'homerize' some sounds and, if your Zuma version supports it

Note to editors: you already host two older versions of Homer Patch (under Puzzle/Zuma Deluxe/Mods).

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Zuma Deluxe - Homer Patch v1.3

Turns the frog into Homer Simpson...

Zuma Deluxe - Homer Patch

Replaces the frog with Homer Simpson...

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