Pandora's Box

Visual puzzles unlike any you've seen before...

  • Category Puzzle
  • Size 15.6 MB
  • Program by Microsoft Games

Pandora's Box

Visual puzzles unlike any you've seen before. The puzzles are not typical word and logic puzzles, but instead take advantage of computer technology and challenge your visual skills: recognition, observation, image composition, and spatial relationships. Some are twists on a familiar challenge and others are completely unique. They all provide a more relaxing, subconscious, and enjoyable challenge that can be more fun than cerebral word or logic puzzles.

Puzzles designed by the creator of Tetris, Alexey Pajitnov. The famed Tetris creator brings you an alluring and quality puzzle collection.

Success in 15 minutes or less, and also mid- and long-term goals that inspire you to play for hours.

Immediate gratification. The puzzles are all easy to get into for instant fun and don't require tons of time to learn. Yet they are progressively challenging to master for endless entertainment.

A higher overall game purpose which unifies the smaller challenges. An overall mission provides a purpose for completing the puzzles. Travel around the world as you solve puzzles, capture the Tricksters, and restore order to Pandora's Box.

Family-appropriate content.

Multiple difficulty levels. Five difficulty levels beginning with easy and becoming progressively harder for all abilities.

Choose from 10 puzzle types with over 350 individual variations. If you don't want to follow the overall game sequence, the Puzzle Only mode will allow you to jump in and play any puzzle in any order.

Use Hints and Wildcards to accelerate your progress. Earn them by solving puzzles. Use them to remove the frustration of an "I'm stuck" factor. A hint provides just what it should-a hint as to how to move on in a puzzle. Wildcards allow you to completely solve a puzzle you are either unable to solve, or if it is a type of puzzle you do not enjoy.

Single player vs. competitive. Play a non-competitive, set your own pace game, or compete with your family or friends' scores and times.

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