Darkwatch: Masterbit Theater [PSP Media]

Vampires and cowboys really scare us...

  • Category Gaming
  • Size 29.2 MB
  • Program by Capcom

Darkwatch: Masterbit Theater [PSP Media]

Vampires and cowboys really scare us. Vampires because they want to suck our blood. Cowboys...well let's just say we had a bad experience involving ass-less chaps and sharp spurs... Be as it may, we've managed to grit our teeth and block out the painful memories long enough to splice together some spooky gameplay of Darkwatch, the new project from the U.S.-based internal development team at Sammy. It's our worst nightmare: a sci fi western FPS, with an unpleasent magnitude of blood craving buckaroos lurking in the shadows and around every corner. Feel our pain.

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