Dransik v1.03

Dransik is a MMORPG perfect for every style of gameplay....

Dransik v1.03

Dransik is a MMORPG perfect for every style of gameplay. Lower-end machine- friendly (350MHz, 32 MB RAM). Beautiful 2D Isometric view.

Hail to thee, Adventurer! Welcome to the world of DRANSIK. Are you up for the challenge of seeking your destiny in an ill-fated land?

DRANSIK is a Medieval Fantasy Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. Interact with players from around the world. Go hunting alone or with others for powerful artifacts. Gain knowledge in dozens of skills that keep the world functioning. Cast magic spells to gain power. Go on dynamic quests that are scattered throughout the land. The possibilities are endless for those who accept this challenge.

Dransik performs well on lower-end computers (350Mhz, 32 MB RAM) as well as higher-end ones. The gameplay is high-quality, without taking too many resources.

The destiny of DRANSIK is in your hands! Whether you prefer player vs. player combat, role-playing, or just chatting with friends, DRANSIK is the place for you.

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