GeFORCE FX Demo: Dawn

Welcome to our enchanted forest – a place where virtual...

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GeFORCE FX Demo: Dawn

Welcome to our enchanted forest – a place where virtual meets reality. This is the domain of the prettiest pixie to ever grace the computer screen. While her existence may only be virtual, the life-like effects made possible with GeForce FX will convince you that she is real. She is brought to life through the magic of complex vertex shaders that provide for both skeletal (body) animation, and blend shape (facial) animation. But, what truly sets her apart from those cyborg computer characters that once passed for living creatures is skin -beautiful human skin. She is covered with an intricate skin shader that accounts for all the subtleties of human skin. This includes consideration of the oilyness of the skin surface, the amount of blood that runs just beneath the surface, and surface highlights as light hits her skin at glancing angles. In her enchanted world, it's unclear where fantasy ends and reality begins.

Key Features:

Vertex Shaders - Two key vertex shaders drive her motion: a branching skeletal shader where the body mesh is driven by several different combinations of internal bones, and a blend shape shader that deforms her face based on control parameters. Skin Shader - This uses a complex combination of color maps, specular maps, and blood characteristic maps to produce very realistic skin. In addition, lighting subtleties are accomplished with a series of cube maps for diffuse specular and "highlight" skin lighting.

Wing Shader - A translucent shader is used for the wings. This modifies both the reflected color off the wings as well as the amount of light passing through the wings based on viewing and light angles.

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