Unreal Tournament Demo v348 Full (Windows)

The full installation of the Unreal Tournament version 348...

Unreal Tournament Demo v348 Full (Windows)

The full installation of the Unreal Tournament version 348 demo. Note that a small upgrade is available for those of you who already have version 338.

Version 348: Changes since version 338



- Networking bandwidth and server CPU use improved

- A.I. performance improvements and tweaks

- Replicate all player skins in use to clients when joining to avoid hitch when first see new player

- Performance improvements and cleanup of HUD, messaging, and console

- Precache left hand weapon meshes if using left hand.

- Improved dynamic detail dropping to maintain minframerate

- store list BSP nodes for decals to greatly improve decal clipping speed

- sort decals by texture to improve performance

- increased characters per font page for default font to increase performance


- Increased performance by use of vertex buffers

- Optimized for low memory computers


- Improved bot AI for impact hammer

- Added variety of playing styles to default practice bots

- Improved auto adjust bot skills, and skills now remembered from level to level

- Bots use rocketlauncher locking on more

- Bots have adjustable strafing ability


- Game time now unaffected by timedilation

- Kill tossed weapons faster

- Improved/louder gib sounds

- Fixed switch to best weapon twice and then its always pending bug

- Improved reduced HUD (with just frags, ammo, health, and armor) - shows name of weapon switched to if weapon is hidden


- Fixed player shadows not being deleted on the client

- Fixed green domination control point color

- Improved control over what voice messages are played on a client

- Fixed flashing screenshot in UBrowser during reping

- Removed "Advanced Options" and integrated into GUI. Still accessible with console command

- Added Up/Down history to console and IRC chat window

- Fixed crash in Options | Preferences when a very long key binding was defined

- If random order is checked, all bot configurations are now shown

- Fixed friendly fire/force team balance overlap in Assault menu

- Scrollytext in morpheus no longer shows spectators

- HUD color preview box area

- UBrowser right click to copy current server address

- Added proxy server support for in-browser news, made use HTTPClient use HTTP/1.1

- MenuCmd console command

- Demo version not longer goes straight to the menus when started with a URL (eg GameSpy)


- Force Respawn option

- Added kickban administrator console command

- Server passwords now work

- Added webserver settings to Start Multiplayer Game

- Listen servers are back in the server list, but show that they are a listen server in Rules

- WWW remote server admin: friendly fire works correctly

Changes for Mod Makers

- Exposed FastTrace() to UnrealScript

- Added color operations to UnrealScript

- Fixed occasional problem with view bob going crazy at extremely low frame rates

- Added DamageMutator attribute to GameInfo class. Points to a linked list of mutators that affect damage taken by pawns.

- Client-side (simulated) mutators can attach themselves to HUDs and get called in PostRender()

- Modmaker menu calls Setup()


- timedemo: no longer counts precaching time

- ?noframecap is the default if "timedemo 1" is set

Unreal Tournament Demo Changes in Version 338 since 3dfx demo


Network issues

- fixed inventory popping on network clients

- fixed replication of owners of unseen weapons making ambient firing sound

- fixed plasma bolt occasionally sticking around on client after you die

- improved client-side movement prediction near other players

- improved client side weapon animation (RL and shockrifle)

- added packet loss readout to the scoreboard.

- display network disconnection icon when server doesn't send updates frequently enough


- player no longer hear own footsteps walking

- reduce falling damage w/ jumpboots

- fixed problem with instant hit weapons at point blank range

- louder pain sounds

- startup message fades faster

- fixed difficulty level displayed on scoreboard

- translocator target no longer bounces off triggers and control points

- players drop flag if feign death

- Fixed some sudden death overtime problems (fraglimit + timelimit, tied player suicides, etc.)

- included nopowerups mutator in

- Added frags per hour readout to the scoreboard.

- Added various stats features to the game. Game now tracks "Frags per Hour" and the top 3 deathmatchers on a server.


- improved minigun impact effect in software

- better blood hit effect for bullet hits in software

- bodies gib if they land on a player's head

- improved blood splat positioning on walls

- added grenade and shockrifle combo move decal effects

- adjusted first person weapon position at high FOV

- updated disconnect symbol

- support > 16 players on team scoreboards

- fixed "live feed from" font size changes

- Bigger/brighter disruption effect for translocator target

- removed girly death scream

- improved bloodsplats trying to avoid popping out while player is looking at them

- fixed some items playing wrong pickup message (e.g. clips claiming to have 50 bullets)

- made crosshair green by default

- Added a "ServerInfo" screen that can be accessed by hitting F2. Has various info about the server including contact info and the message of the day.



- Made it easier to get out of courtyard and up to higher levels by punching hole/corridor through the wall where the thighpads were.

- Made it easier to get RL in courtyard. Being at the lowest level in that open space is risk incentive enough.

- Added more playerstarts

- Fixed that god damned hole.

- Added light near button up top near Damage Amp so people know how to get down from the tower.

- Added extra minigun on exterior to encourage more combat up top.

- Moved chest armor to new camping spot near top of courtyard. Put thighpads out near jumpboots/minigun/keg o health. (getting the chest armour AND Keg was far too much defensively.)


- Improved bot AI- better translocator use through windows above Ankh control points.


- Improved bot support- more translocator use.

- Made RL symmetrical.


- Put it in the demo. :)


- added server option to force players to balance teams

- Listen (non-dedicated) servers are no longer allowed to advertise to the master server

- Fixed server crash "Removed != 0"

- Made some packages such as the GUI and webserver server side only (for mods).

- Fixed remote web admin failing to bind port 80 after a level change

- Fixed remote web admin returning truncated player list (and other) HTML pages to relatively slow clients.


- improved domination 1 on 1 AI

- fixed retreating AI bug

- fixed bots not playing rapid fire animation


- Implemented 32-bit color texture support in Direct3D

- Optimized Direct3D code for DirectX7 vertex buffers

- Fixed Direct3D z buffer selection

- Optimized D3D texture uploading a bit

- Matched D3D brightness to Glide brightness


- Fixed keys getting stuck down forever after entering the menus with the key held down

- The console and quick-console (Tab) keys can now be remapped (mainly for non-US keyboards)

- Fixed problems when binding keys to the current voice menu key (v)

- Fixed binding of joystick buttons. When the joystick was enabled, no key bindings worked.

- Made mouse sensitivity take a floating-point number

- Fixed a problem where the mouse would no longer work in the GUI if you bound the voice menu to left-mouse


- Fixed drop down box hanging around

- Added cut/paste for all edit boxes

- Added ability to copy server URL

- Added option to disable mature taunts

- UBrowser rules now show tournament mode, turbo/hardcore/classic, max players

- Fixed IRC client crash when you type "/" and press enter


- Got A3D and EAX support back in (thanks Carlo and Aureal).

- You can now turn down/off the announcer sound volume.

Demo Recording

- Added first person demo recording/playback in botmatches

- Fixed demo recording crash in botmatches in Phobos


- Fixed problems with ngWorldStats.

- Installed a new version of ngStats.

Linux Port

- Updated code to latest codebase

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